Queen Nora Makes This Guy Panic Over & Over

This poor guy couldn’t handle Nora to save his life. It was challenging for him to last more than 10 seconds under her enormous frame. To be fair. He is little. And she is super heavy. He said it looked so fluffy and fun in her videos but he quickly learned it was anything but the sort. Fat is soft. But with so much of it… it feels like a boulder on your. Your mind starts racing that you’re stuck… and before you know it, you’re in full on panic. That was this guys every moment in this video as he struggled between lasting long enough for a video and tapping every few seconds.

She gives him a few drops here and there. Pay special attention to the chair itself. It’s amazing how it buckles under her load when she plops down. For the record, it didn’t move a centimeter when a grown man sat on it. 

At another point she rips a huge fart just before plopping back down onto him.
Nora at her finest!