Bobbi Jo Pear Shaped SSBBW Body Tour

September 7, 2019 admin 0

In this hot new update I show you every part of SSBBW Bobbi Jo! Starting at my blonde hair I move down covering everything from my pouty lips to my fat roll covered cankles.

Of course I don’t leave out my super wide hips, my big jiggly booty, or my supersized thunder thighs and all the fat rolls and dimples.

Watch as I lift my legs and give you a good look at the meatiness of my huge fat rolls!
Lots of  jiggling as I give you a good long look at my hot creamy soft body!

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Pear Shaped SSBBW BigBootyAsshley Rides a Tiny …

September 7, 2019 admin 0


Join me this week for a super sexy Pear Shaped SSBBW ride.

Hold on as I smile and giggle while I ride this super lucky wobbly little chair.

My big soft ass hangs off the back of the chair jiggling like jello with each thrust of my super wide hips.

Get the up close view as I ride this little chair, hear as the breath of the cameraman gets deeper and heavier with every sexy jiggle. 

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Two SSBBW Feedee’s Send a Message To Their Favorite Feeder

September 7, 2019 admin 0

These two beautifully big hanging belly SSBBW feedee’s reminese about their favorite feeding session ever.

Thinking back on how gluttonous the two Goddesses were as they stuffed their faces and filled their big bellies with lots of yummy and fattening treats like steak, shrimp, cheesecake and chocolate cake.
They dream of having Jeff feed them daily while he starves and waste away to nothing!

They dream of riding him like a ponyboy around the house because they’re just too fat to walk.  When they’ve gorged themselves to immobility and starved their feeder to barely anything they imagine how good it would feel to squash him and butt drop him to the end of his pitiful existence!

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6x SSBBW Body VS 1x Shirt

September 7, 2019 admin 0

I went shopping to try to find a shirt that would cover allllll this lovely mass of fat rolls and soft sexy curves.
Thinking I had found one shirt that might be up to the task I bought it.

I go to put it on and the shirt with a 6x tag turns out to be a 1x!!! Will it even fit at all?

Watch as I work my way into this way too small top, even though it’s stretchy it doesn’t even begin to cover my massive jiggling belly. I get it on as far as it will go and it looks like a bra.

So I’m not sure if it’s one for the shirt or one for the SSBBW?

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Sweet SSBBW Dreams Are Made Of This

September 7, 2019 admin 0

Join me for a sexy soft, deliciously fat, big hanging double belly update this week!

In my newest set I have my big fat SSBBW body squeezed into a much too small  nightie that rolls up my big fat creamy soft belly and down my perky tits.

See how tight the lingerie is stretched across my skin? I don’t know if I’ll even be able to get out of this thing without ripping it but it sure does look good on me!

Join me now for this sexy update and much much more.
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Never Big Enough BBW

September 7, 2019 admin 0

In my newest update you get to see me trying to get comfortable on the sofa.  Of course when you’re  a amazon SSBBW at 5’11 and over 500 lbs  it’s hard to find furniture that’s big enough, wide enough, sturdy enough, comfortable enough …

This little hotel sofa was obviously not made for anyone half as wide as me. My super big hanging belly falls over the side hanging down and jiggling around as I toss and turn trying to find a comfortable spot.

See how far off the sofa my big belly apron hangs? It’s almost to the floor flowing down like a squishy, soft, wobbly, waterfall made of big hanging belly apron fat.

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Huge Hanging Belly Rub

September 7, 2019 admin 0

Have you ever noticed how some fat girls with huge hanging belly aprons love to rub and play with their own belly?

It’s so relaxing after a long day at work to sit in front of a fan with your clothes off  in just a cute bra and rub your soft belly after you’ve stuffed your face and your big belly is stuffed full. Of course it’s not long until the bra comes off and I’m naked and enjoying my own belly rub.

I like to imagine that my soft strokes on my creamy skin help move the calories and fat to the exact place I want to gain weight.  Stay tuned to see where those calories land and turn into soft squishy fat and jiggly cellulite!

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Heavy FaceSit & Chest Crushing Buttdrops With 620 Pound Goddess

August 26, 2019 admin 0

The best way to get over being bored is to get a slave under you! 

In this new update the astonishingly heavy BiBi orders John to come lie beneath her massively huge yet wobbly and soft ass. 

She begins by just sitting back on him but that doesn’t last long. First comes the bouncing to give his rib cage and chest a little warm up then she stands up repeatedly dropping her unbelievably heavy body down onto his chest time and time again. 

Realizing he is finding a air pocket and taking shallow breaths she sits with her legs closed over his face allowing her soft supple fat cells to rest on top of him filling his face with blubber and cutting off his supply of air!

Listen as she rises for the last time, slave John is breathing heavy, you can hear the struggle to get each breath in, knowing that his ribs are hurting and each breath comes with a sharp pain.

He just can’t wait to sit up and get the mask off so he can get a few good deep breaths in his oxygen deprived body.

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SSBBW Pear BigMommaKat – Did I Break The Scale?

August 26, 2019 admin 0

Just how fat am I?  In this new update watch me first struggle to lift my massively big fat round ass up off the sofa so I can get on the scale for you.

I know I must have put on some weight recently, I can feel the extra pounds as I try to move my nearly immobile cumbersome body from one place to the other. 

When I walk I feel my big belly hanging lower and swaying from side to side with each step, my thighs  with one cellulite covered fat roll on top of the other seem harder to move as I struggle to move one past the other. 

At first the scale seems reluctant to weigh me as I wait impatientlyl
After stepping down and trying again the scale seems to take forever to give me my weight … listen closely. 

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SSBBW Goddess Ava – Simply Romantic

August 26, 2019 admin 0

In my newest update to the site I’m on the bed looking and feeling so romantic and sexy with just a white sheet.

This set shows me loving my own hefty heavenly fat body. The fat rolls cascade down my body like a soft sensuous fleshy waterfall teasing you to jump in and play for a while. 

My sexy supersized fat body looks so inviting with my new weight gain. Can you see any new fat rolls or cellulite on me as I tease you? 

Join me now for this sexy update and much much more. 
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