SSBBW Bobbi Jo – Banana Smoosh

September 14, 2018 admin 0

I have wanted to try crushing some food for a while but just never had the chance. Our last day at the hotel we had some bananas and what better way to waste food than to crush and smoosh it with my big fat feet! Watch as I use my pretty fat feet to crush the bananas then smear them into mush.
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BigBootyAsshley Black Dress Strip Down

September 14, 2018 admin 0

There is just something sexy and elegant about a form fitting black dress! I love the way this clingy fabric stretches over my wide hips and clings my pear shaped curves. Watch as I pull the dress down over my lusciously large big booty to reveal my sexy leopard panties. Join me now for this sexy red hot set and  thousands of pictures and HD videos of my  pear shaped SSBBW body,wide hips, luscious cellulite dimpled super thick thighs, and of course my famously big jiggly ass at or Big Booty Asshley – Super Pear Asshley at

SSBBW Kimmy Crush Massive Hard Butt Drops on Brooklyn

September 14, 2018 admin 0

This new set is so exciting for me! I had a chance to do what I love and that’s to butt drop & squash some poor schmuck into oblivion! I have to give it to him, he was a trooper and took a lot of punishment from my 550lb SSBBW ass. You do not want to miss this AWESOME Picture & HD Video update!
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Claudia’s Lovely Lady Lumps

September 14, 2018 admin 0

This new update features the large and lovely Claudia! Have a peek at her showing off her lady lumps as she lounges on the sofa. See her sexy growing belly hanging down off the edge of the cushions. Imagine how much further it will hang as she gains weight and grows bigger! Come join me and see many years of progressive weight gain, enjoy all the fat shenanigans, face stuffing, belly play, face sitting, squashing, big boobs, hanging bellies and much much more at or

SSBBW Maria is STUCK In The Chair

September 14, 2018 admin 0

What do you do when a fat girl is stuck? In this new update I thought I was sitting down for a rest and ended up with the chair arms wedged under my fat hanging belly. I sunk in just fine but compressed as all my fat sank in. When it was time to get up I found myself stuck in this tiny chair. Luckily I wasn’t alone and didn’t have to call anyone to come help me. See this Picture & Video update and much more of my luscious SSBBW Amazon, big bellied, fat thigh, cellulite covered body in this update and more of me eating, weighing, bouncing, squashing, face sitting and more at   Maria SSBBW Amazon – Just another site

SSBBW Goddess Ava – Man Eater

September 14, 2018 admin 0

You’ve heard of the Flying Purple People Eater, I’m kinda like that only I’m too fat to fly and I prefer to squash and play with my men rather than eat them. In this sexy new set I’m lounging in my hotel room and teasing you to join me in all my purple glory. I’d love to have you laying under my big blubbery belly or under my ass as I squash you.
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Fat Girls Get By With a LiL Help From Their Friends

September 14, 2018 admin 0

Life as a SSBBW can be a little difficult at times. Despite all the sexiness that comes with our big fluffy bodies, the thick thighs, the fat rolls, the big hanging belly aprons, fat arms and more … it can be a little hard to do some things. Luckily with the help of my good friend Eve I manage to keep ALL of my sexy body soft and supple. In this video Skinny Eve makes sure I have lotion everywhere! Come on over and join me in all my sexy SSBBW, weight gaining, feedee, face stuffing, booty shaking, titty playing, sexy, fat adventures!   or SSBBW Sunshine – SSBBW Sunshine at BBWSurf

SSBBW Mandalorieann – Fat Cinderella

September 14, 2018 admin 0

Kimmy is so mean! Doesn’t she know I’m a SSBBW Princess? When you make a mess in the FAT SSBBW Squashing Queen’s house it doesn’t matter if you’re a Princess or a Frog, the fairy tale is over and you MUST clean up your mess or you get punished and not in a nice way. After shooting I had crumbs all over Kimmy’s floor and she was not happy. Watch me work for my supper as she makes my big fat ass clean.
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Introducing Avery & April to FWP

September 14, 2018 admin 0

Avery and April make a dynamic duo. They’re both stunningly beautiful. They’re both scarily intense. Neither has ever squashed before this shoot and they BROUGHT it. It’s as if they’ve been doing this for a decade. Matt left this shoot more sore than almost any other shoot in the history of FWP.

In this video you’ll see the 450+ lb Avery and 200+ lb April take takes wrecking Matt on the sofa. They finish him off with some doubled up squashing and bouncing.

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Full Body Crush With BiBi

September 13, 2018 admin 0

When you roll over 600lbs over on top of a hefty man you get out of breath quickly.  Just too tired to move John pays the price as BiBi too tired to move has him caught between the bed and a heavy spot. Hear him groaning and struggling as Kimmy tells her not to worry about John. This HUGE update has a HD Vid over 7 minutes with almost 200 Pics! Watch the serious crushing action as John barely made it through 7 minutes trapped under all those rolls of fat. Join us at BigFatChics – BigFatChics SSBBW and BBW , one of the oldest SSBBW fetish sites on the net with over 10 years worth of SSBBW face sitting, queening, female domination, squashing, butt drops, bouncing, eating, feeder/ feedee , weight gain, fat jiggling fun.