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I’m back and bigger than ever! Come over and see this great new set of me posing and showing off my big soft fat body. My big low hanging belly is fuller, fatter, heavier and sexier than it’s ever been.  My big thick thighs are so meaty with the extra rolls of fat hanging down rubbing together as I jiggle around. Join now and get all of my great older content as well as this new update and many many more to come!!!! bbwsunshine – BBW SSBBW SunShine Rae

Ulitmate Pear SSBBW Bobbi Jo Extreme Face Sitting

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I love this new update! I love to face sit and squash when I can put all my strength to use. Come watch as I put John to the test. Bouncing with my big fat powerful legs. I ignore his tap outs and mock him by tapping on his head as he struggles beneath my big heavy pear shaped ass. I love the grunts and groans, knowing he might pass out from being smothered under all my soft creamy fat.
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Pear Shaped SSBBW BigMommaKat -Too Fat For The Chair

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A fat girl loves to sit but sometimes the chair just isn’t big enough! In my new update I try to squeeze all 600 lbs of my big jiggly pear shaped super sized ass into what feels like a chair made for a doll. No matter which way I turn there just isn’t room. I keep trying to squash all my fat into the chair but my hips are just too wide and my thighs are too thick. Thick thighs save lives but they don’t fit in the chair! Join today for more big jiggling ass, face sitting, crushing, weight gain, eating, squashing and general fat girl fun at Big Momma Kat – BigMommaKat at or Big Momma Kat – BigMommaKat at

SSBBW Goddess Ava Black Widow

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I love this silky black nightie that fits against me so tight. With my heels and my dark lipstick, I feel like a bad girl. I lie on the bed waiting for you, luring you into my bed like a black widow lures her prey into her web. Come get tangled up with me in this newest update. I promise I’ll leave you satisfied and a little dazed but I’ll let you keep your head ;)  Let me fill all your erotic fat, weight gain, feedee, hanging double belly, SSBBW fantasies at or

BigBootyAsshley – PearShaped SSBBW Swimsuit Tease

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We were both in town on business, just taking some time to relax at the pool when you struck up a conversation. You were so nice and such a gentleman to offer to escort me back to my room. I knew your real reason, you just wanted to watch the wiggle and bounce of my big bouncy ass and huge creamy thunder thighs.  Maybe you thought you’d get lucky enough to come in, either way I really loved teasing you as we walked down the hall. Notice how I turned around and gave you a view of my big tits pressing against my wet bikini.
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Mz Fluff Snacks on her Human Sofa

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Matt: “I could use a break.”

Fluff: “Nope!”

It’s a scary, scary experience to have a woman weighing nearly 900 lbs deny you of a break when she’s nonchalantly sitting on you. It’s as if she has no clue about just how much power her massive body packs.
When he panics, she finally stands up. But even then… it’s for less than a second before she comes plopping back down on him.

She enjoys the hell out of her snack while he gasps for air to survive.

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Panty Hose Struggle With Ulitmate Pear SSBBW Bobbi Jo

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I love the way Nylons look on sexy legs and Kimmy Crush feels the same way and decided to try to squeeze me into a pair of hers. Watch this update of me & Kimmy trying to stretch and pull these pantyhose up my huge fat roll covered legs. Hear them rip and pop as she tries to make them fit over all this sexiness. We managed to get them up but they did not survive the journey over my sexy fat legs much less make it up completely over my super wide hips. Enjoy this huge update of over 200 pics & 4 Min of HD video.  See this sexy update as well as many full weight, face sitting, butt dropping, squashing, jiggling sexy clips and pictures. or

Steamy Shower With SSBBW Kimmy Crush

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After a long day of traveling all I want is a hot shower to wash the day off. In this very steamy shower watch me struggle as I am determined to wash up in a tub that has no seat for my nearly immoble 550lb body. Watch as I try to balance and wash around my massive low hanging belly apron. It’s getting to be quiet a struggle, as you can see, with all the newly added pounds I’ve gained. My greedy and gluttonous ways are really catching up to me! See this hot new set and more at: Kimmy Crush – SSBBW Squasher Kimmy Crush at or Kimmy Crush – SSBBW Squasher Kimmy Crush at   This set and many more of me and my pear shaped SSBBW friends eating, weight gain, feederism, feeder/feedee, squashing, face sitting, butt drops, bouncing, and much more!

SSBBW Maria Big Hanging Double Belly On The Table

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As a big girl it’s always kind of fun to see how much weight the hotel furniture will hold up. We’re always kind of amazed when the little coffee tables hold over 500lbs of fat flowing over the table like lava from a volcano.  I love seeing how much of the table my flowing soft smooth belly covers in front of me. As you can see I almost cover an entire coffee table. See this retro clip and much more of my luscious SSBBW Amazon, big bellied, fat thigh, cellulite covered body in this update and more of me eating, weighing, bouncing, squashing, face sitting and more at   Maria SSBBW Amazon – Just another site

Big Bellied Feedee Goddess Ava Shares a Meal

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This weeks update is a belly loving feeders dream come true!!!!  To start I tease you in my sweetly sensual super tight belly hugging nightie and my too tiny for my big low hanging double stack belly panties. To follow up I’ve shared a video of me being stuffed, fed and rubbed by a eager feeder. Eventually I did give him a few bites so he could keep his strength up to pamper me! Let me fill all your erotic fat, weight gain, feedee, hanging double belly, SSBBW fantasies at or