Cancellations / Complaints

To cancel a recurring subscription please contact CCBILL support at

or call 1 888 596 9279



At BBWSurf, we believe that if a customer wishes to file a complaint or express dissatisfaction, it should
be easy for them to do so. It is BBWSurf’s policy to receive complaints and consider them as an
opportunity to learn, adapt, improve and provide better service.
In addition, a quick resolution of complaints, in a way that respects and values the person’s feedback, can
be one of the most important factors in recovering the person’s confidence about a service offered b the
company. It can also help prevent further escalation of the complaint. A responsive, efficient, effective
and fair complaint management system can assist an organization to achieve this.
The purpose of this policy is to ensure that complaints are handled properly and that all customer
complaints or comments are taken seriously. This organization expects staff at all levels to be committed
to fair, effective and efficient complaint handling.


This policy is intended to ensure that BBWSurf handles complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively. The
company’s objective is to ensure that its complaints procedure is properly and effectively implemented,
and that complainants feel confident that their complaints and worries are listened to and acted upon
promptly and equitably.
Our complaint management system aims to:
• allow us to respond to questions raised by people who file complaints in a timely and cost-effective
• increase customer confidence in our administrative process, and
• provide information that we can use to improve the quality of our services


This policy applies to all staff receiving or managing complaints from customers made to or about us
regarding our services.


Acknowledge all complaints and they will be reviewed within 7 business days.
When the decision is made, according to the decision itself, any infringing, illegal, abusive or
otherwise inappropriate content will be removed.

For all complaints please email and allow 5 business days for a reply.