Queen Nora Makes This Guy Panic Over & Over

March 25, 2019 admin 0

This poor guy couldn’t handle Nora to save his life. It was challenging for him to last more than 10 seconds under her enormous frame. To be fair. He is little. And she is super heavy. He said it looked so fluffy and fun in her videos but he quickly learned it was anything but the sort. Fat is soft. But with so much of it… it feels like a boulder on your. Your mind starts racing that you’re stuck… and before you know it, you’re in full on panic. That was this guys every moment in this video as he struggled between lasting long enough for a video and tapping every few seconds.

She gives him a few drops here and there. Pay special attention to the chair itself. It’s amazing how it buckles under her load when she plops down. For the record, it didn’t move a centimeter when a grown man sat on it. 

At another point she rips a huge fart just before plopping back down onto him.
Nora at her finest!

SSBBW BiBi Struggles to Clean Up

March 19, 2019 admin 0

Ultra SSBBW struggles to wash a few dishes. At 650lbs she is out of breath before she even reaches the sink! Listen as she breathes harder and harder as her massive hanging rolls of fat bear their weight down on her legs and feet.  You can almost feel the heft of her beautiful super sized body as you watch her.  Imagine the struggle of trying to hold 650 lbs up while you wash dishes. You can see how she has to lean into the sink to try to hold up the heft. Imagine your super sized house wife bent over the sink trying to clean up. 
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Does Kimmy Break This New Slave In or Does She Just Break This New Slave

March 19, 2019 admin 0

Poor Shaq thought he was getting into something new and exciting when he volunteered to assist me in this photo shoot. I told him in advance that I would squash him. I let him know that I am a bit brutal and uncaring when I’m in the zone. I told him it might be painful but he insisted he was fine and he could handle it. Afer a few sets I decided it was time to let loose. I didn’t even get warmed up before I broke him! Watch this awesome set with squashing, butt drops and more. How much can he take before we have to call the paramedics? 
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Fan Request Belly Fuck with SSBBW Sunshine

March 19, 2019 admin 0

I love it when I can make a fan’s wishes come true! I’d ever done any kind of sexual play with my big deep gaping belly button but I did it just for him. It was such a different feeling. Watch as I tease my big saggy tits and my pierced nipples with my vibrator. Then I lower the vibrator into my big waiting belly button. It feels so good as I fuck my huge hanging belly. I hope you enjoy watching me fucking my belly button. I just can’t help but wonder how much better it would be with your pre-cum lubing my belly button as you fuck it with your hard cock.
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SSBBW Goddess Ava Has a Whole Lotta Ass n Belly

March 19, 2019 admin 0

This sexy update is a must see if you love ass or belly … or both! Watch as I lie on and bend over the bed to show off my amazingly fat physique. See how far under me my legs my belly compresses when I lay over on it or how low it hangs when I’m standing up or sitting on the bed. Wouldn’t you love to give me a nice long belly rub? Come over and join today and see this sexy set plus all your erotic fat, weight gaining, feedee, hanging double belly, SSBBW fantasies at  SSBBW Goddess Ava | SSBBW’s at BBWSurf.com or SSBBW Goddess Ava | SSBBW’s at BBWSurf.com

King Can’t Handle the Queens Flops & Drops

March 19, 2019 admin 0

Nora starts by doing some belly flops on King. While he moans and such… by and large he’s okay. He thought that this was the extent of what he’d be enduring this day. Unbeknownst to him… Nora had plans of her own. She transitioned from flopping to dropping onto him with her ass. This is a different ball game. Her ass and belly cover him from his thighs to his chin. This is like being in a human vice. If he only knew what it’d feel like without the mattress!!

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Double Update with SSBBW Bobbi Jo Westley

March 9, 2019 admin 0

This MASSIVE update is bigger than my hips! Join me for this new double update with 2 HD VIDEOS & 75 pictures! Enjoy a sexy video of me bent over shaking ALL my ass and hips just for you to enjoy. Swaying back and forth my super wide hips, hanging saddlebags, cellulite covered fat thighs jiggling with each move. Such a sexy sight. Still want more? Click over to video #2 and watch me squash my favorite seat John. With my ass on his face He takes all my weight with only a couple of cushions between him and the hard concrete floor. Watch as I lean into the bounce to make him feel every pound per square inch! 
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Belly Play & Plops With SSBBW BigMommaKat

March 9, 2019 admin 0

Is it really a plop if you can barely lift it? In this newest update watch as I rub, jiggle and plop my massive belly. See how far it hangs down between my legs? It’s almost touching the floor and I can barely lift it by myself. It’s such a sexy sight to see my  huge belly as it wobbles and drops down. 
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Body Comparison with Kimmy Crush & Mandalorieann

March 9, 2019 admin 0

What a difference 130lbs makes! Watch this hot video as Kimmy and I compare our gloriously huge fat bodies. We discuss our big fat hanging bellies then move to our titties. Want to see the differences for yourself? Come on over and take a look at this hot new update! So many fat rolls and so much cellulite in one video. You’ll want to be in the middle of this sweet sandwich for sure.
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SSBBW Goddess Ava Sexy in Lace

March 9, 2019 admin 0

The lace is stretched to the max in these sexy black panties. The fabric pulls tight over my big double stacked hanging belly.  In this sexy new set you see me lying down and the expansiveness of my huge belly flowing over onto the bed spilling over the constraints of my tight panties. Come over and join today and see this sexy set plus all your erotic fat, weight gaining, feedee, hanging double belly, SSBBW fantasies at  SSBBW Goddess Ava | SSBBW’s at BBWSurf.com or SSBBW Goddess Ava | SSBBW’s at BBWSurf.com

Chips, Donuts, and Big Ass Facesitting

March 9, 2019 admin 0

Bobbi Jo & Savannah make an impressive duo. They have the kinds of bodies and power that can leave your face sore for weeks. That’s precisely what they intended to do as they each sat on their respective seats while snacking on chips and donuts.

You could hear the air mattress struggling as it did its best not to pop. The same could not be said for the seats… they were so buried in ass that screams would fall on deaf ears.

After awhile they decided to consolidate their weight onto the face of a single seat.

Say what now?

Yeah… that’s right… Bobbi Jo sat on Caesar’s face and Savannah sat on Bobbi Jo’s lap. And then they switched places. It’s amazing Caesar walked away from this with his life intact!

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