Bobbi Jo & Kimmy Crush Punish Weak Slave

December 28, 2018 admin 0

Joseph started out on the wrong foot with Kimmy and his day just gets worse from there. In this awesome update watch as Kimmy and I punish Joseph. He made the mistake of bragging how well he could handle two of the fattest and widest SSBBW’s on the web. We start out with me covering him from his head to his hips smothering and crushing him with my massively wide hips bouncing and plopping onto his face. When Kimmy decides she wants in on the action she makes Joseph regret some of his life choices. Watch as she brutally butt drops him with her feet on the sofa she lifts all 550lbs of herself off of him then drops. When Joseph is turning bright red and you can see the lack of blood flow to his arm he begins to beg Kimmy to get off of him. Of course she’s not ready to let him go and sits her fat ass on him and mocks him for a full minute while you are left to wonder if she’s going to let him breathe before he passes out. 
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Super Fat SSBBWs Kimmy Crush & BiBi Demolish Triple Meat Triple Cheese Burgers

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Nothing short of impressive, Kimmy and BiBi wager a steak dinner on who can finish off a Whata-sized Triple Meat, Triple Cheese burger meal first. Watch these two lovely fatties devour 2500 calories each. A meal with a days worth of calories for most people consumed in under 15 minutes will definitely cause some weight gain. We shouldn’t be surprised at the gluttony with the rolls and rolls of fat adorning these two buxom beauties. This update is what feeders wet dreams are made of. This 12minute HD video is not to be missed! 
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Sexy Plumper Show Off with PandaMoo

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In this sexy update I start off lying down caressing my sexy body and jiggling my little tummy. On my knees you get a wonderful side view of my tummy and my big round ass and thick thighs. On all fours I bounce my ass and wiggle it showing off just how juicy and fat my bubble butt is. See this hot hot update plus lots of face stuffing, weight gain, tight clothes, outgrown clothes, feedee fun at BBW PandaMoo | BBW PandaMoo at BBWSurf  or BBW PandaMoo | BBW PandaMoo at BBWSurf

SSBBW Kimmy Crush Crushes Brooklyn

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In this exciting new HD Vid & Pic update you see me butt dropping onto Brooklyn. He lies helplessly on the bed as I drop my massive frame onto him. My big fat ass covers his entire torso and you can hear the strain of him bearing my weight as he grunts and groans with each bounce. I can’t wait for my next victim. Could that be you?
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Pear Shaped SSBBW BigBootyAsshley See Through Cover Up

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While on vacation I tried out my new swimsuit cover up …… but it doesn’t seem to cover up very much at all! I love the way the stretchy fabric clings to my sexy pear shaped curves, making my waist look very small compared to my big wide butt. When I lie down it is just the right length to give you a little tease and show you what you could have.  Join me now for this sexy red hot set and  thousands of pictures and HD videos of my  pear shaped SSBBW body,wide hips, luscious cellulite dimpled super thick thighs, and of course my famously big jiggly ass at or Big Booty Asshley | Super Pear Asshley at

Super Fat SSBBW BigMommaKat BigBooty Shake

December 28, 2018 admin 0

It’s gotta be jello ’cause jam don’t shake like that!  Come on over and watch this new HD video update of my big round booty shaking like a 1970’s jello mold at Christmas dinner! The only difference is my booty shake is something you’ll remember fondly once it’s over. 
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SSBBW Mandalorieann Squashes & Plops her Belly on Bad Boy

December 28, 2018 admin 0

You know one of the best things about being so outrageously fat is? Being able to use my big low hanging double belly as a weapon! I love feeling him shake in anticipation under me as he wonders what part of my heavy body will land on him. Watch this awesome new HD Video update of me squashing and plopping my huge belly on this bad boy. 
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Sunshine Shows All of Her Sexy SSBBW Body

December 28, 2018 admin 0

I love to show off my fat rolls and that means all of them! I love how sexy my belly looks falling over my fat muff. It’s snuggled in between my sexy fat thighs with rolls upon rolls of fat. In this hot new video update you get to see me lie back and lift my belly showing you all the sexiness. See how wet my shaved pussy is, can you imagine lifting my belly for me and diving into the sweetness that lies beneath? You don’t want to miss this video. Cum over and let me help you with your holiday stress!!!
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Lolla Crushes and Smothers Big Boi on the Bench

December 28, 2018 admin 0

FWP is proud to welcome the wonderful, beautiful, and evil Lolla Blaze to the lineup. Big Boi was fortunate enough to find his way under her magnificent ass for some hard surface, limit pushing smothering and crushing on the wooden plank.
Smothering is a different ballgame when you’re talking about 400 lbs planted squarely on your face and head without the benefit of a padded surface on the backside of your head. It certainly doesn’t help matters that breaks, in Lolla’s world, equal full weight chest sitting and even some drops.

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FATTY Walking in the Woods

December 14, 2018 admin 0

In the last month I’ve put on about 25lbs. You can definitely see the growth with my leggings and sports bra that stretch super tight over my growing body. It was a nice cool day and a bit rainy so I thought a walk would be nice. I didn’t realize how much of a struggle it would be hauling all this extra fat around. Watch as I huff and puff , out of breath. I’m walking slowly and not that far but I feel like I just want to sit down somewhere and never move again. With just a short walk I’m exhausted. I feel the extra weight bearing down on my feet. That’s it, no more walking. I’m just going to sit and eat until I’m a big fat sloth! 
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