Welcome I am SSBBW Bobbi Jo Westleyand this is my new page here at bbwsurf.com! You may know me as having some of the worlds’ widest hips but I won’t tell you the measurement πŸ˜‰ You’ll have to come in and find that out for yourself. I’m just a simple SSBBW who loves living my life and the adoration I get for my beautiful super wide hips and fat fat legs. I am getting pretty close to being immobile but watching me move around is sure to bring you joy! In addition to my gorgeous pear shape with a tiny waist and super wide hips I also have a nice set of creamy tits and I’m not bad to look at! I hope you stop in to my new home toΒ  see me often! I can’t wait to share all my goodies with you! Love SSBBW Bobbi Jo Westley xxx