Watching TV with Queen Nora is a Dangerous Activity

Queen Nora decided to watch some daytime television. Seems harmless enough. Except that she’s…

Well over 600 lbs.

And wanted to have a skinny guy between her giant ass and the sofa.

It’s a very precarious position to find ones self in. It seems very appealing to the admirer of big women. All that softness and all those curves… just pressing into you. Then the full weight of the situation comes into focus, literally and figuratively. Before you know it, your lungs are deflated, you feel trapped, and you realize that you’ve given up total control to a woman that’s two to three times larger than your standard NFL player.


And then you realize that when you tap for mercy, it’s not as if she actually gets off. She simply shifts her giant body in one direction to uncover your face. Not as if you can suck oxygen in anyhow since she’s still on your lungs and belly.

And she starts saying things like, “Ya know what. I should make you suffer with facesitting since you didn’t bring me wings.”

It’s exciting and awesome. And also terrifying. Which is why we all love ssbbw and squashing so much. Such a simple act can be so terrifyingly and spectacularly powerful. And that’s what this simple Queen Nora displays right here. She goes as far as to say, “You’re panicking. You gotta stop panicking.” Easy for her to say. She’s not the one with a woman who weighs far in excess of a quarter of a ton plopping around on her!