The Front View of Bobbi Jo Smashing Him Flat

Bobbi Jo has a massive bottom. It’s even more massive in person. Especially when it’s lowering down onto you. Or god forbid… dropping down onto you.

In this video you’ll see her start out by side sitting Matt. Her hips nearly cover him from his nose to his knees. It’s total domination.

After a few minutes of side sitting, she gets bored and wants to push him even more. She instructs him to lay vertically so she can forward sit him.

It’s at this point where you get the full effect. He’s literally consumed by ass and thighs as she settles her massive body onto him. 

I don’t know about you… but this is the sort of battle that’s worth fighting!

In the end, she struggles to get up off of him. Thinking he’s done, he sighs a relieving sigh to get oxygen back into his lungs. To his surprise, her giant frame comes timbering back down onto him with crashing butt drop after butt drop.

This is Bobbi Jo at her finest!