SSBBW KimmyCrush Fat Here, Fat There, FAT EVERYWHERE

March 1, 2018 admin 0

I love to pose and show off my huge low hanging belly apron. I love how warm and heavy it is when I sit and it rest in my lap. In this weeks set I show off my huge belly as it burst free from my cute little tight stretchy nightie and silky panties. Even the largest clothes they sell can’t restrain my mountainous belly. It looks like my gluttonous feedee ways are paying off with all this weight gain. See this hot new set and more at: Kimmy Crush – SSBBW Squasher Kimmy Crush at or Kimmy Crush – SSBBW Squasher Kimmy Crush at   This set and many more of me and my pear shaped SSBBW friends eating, weight gain, feederism, feeder/feedee, squashing, face sitting, butt drops, bouncing, and much more!

Double The Fatties = Double The Fun & Double The Food!!!!

May 30, 2017 admin 0

WHAT A TREAT!!!!! Mandalorieann & KimmyCrush together again with a new updated set of pics & a HD video for ALL our fans! We just couldn’t wait for y’all (that’s Texan for you all) to see the two of us feeding our beautiful fat faces for National Burger Day!!!! We just had to share our WHOPPER of a feast! See us stuffing our greedy gullets full with burgers and chicken sandwiches from the King. We’re such messy eaters that we cover our big boobs in burger grease and mayo! We eat our big hanging belly’s are stuffed so full that all we can do is lay back, rub our bellies and burp until we feel some relief!
You can find this set on BOTH websites SSBBW Mandalorieann – Just another site and Kimmy Crush – SSBBW Squasher Kimmy Crush at
The clip is also available to download in BOTH clipstores!!!
Kimmy Crush:

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September 18, 2016 admin 0

In my last weigh in I showed you my girlish figure and talked about my weight gain goals for the summer. I’m in now with the results and boy are they HEAVY!!!!  Did I make my goal? Did I fall short?  Do I need to be tied up and fed until the numbers meet my desired weight?   Come on over to or  and see me and my friends eating, squashing, face sitting, butt drops, bouncing, and much more!


SSBBW Kimmy Crush Drive-Thru Stuffing

August 30, 2016 admin 0

How much food does it take to keep my sexy girlish figure?  This weeks update shows you just how much I eat at a typical Drive Thru Stuffing! In this epic 30 MINUTE HD VIDEO you see me stuffing my face as my gargantuan hanging belly presses harder and harder against the steering wheel of the car making you begin to wonder just how I’m going to get home!  Come on over to or  and see me and my friends eating, squashing, face sitting, butt drops, bouncing, and much more!
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SSBBW Fatasha is now open! SSBBW FEEDEE!

August 29, 2014 admin 0

SSBBW Fatasha is now open!

Welcome I just opened up my new site for all my followers. You will see me cover lots of fat fetishes inside ranging from weight gain, feeding to squashing and crushing. Please check out my tour and clipstore and when your ready come join me inside for some more fun.

Added 8 new sets and 7 Video clips for members inside.