Hi guys! My name is Panda Moo! I’m a chubby little feedee living in New Orleans who loves to eat, game and be lazy! I love all things sparkly and weird. I collect panda’s and cows 🙂 I’m currently looking to gain weight. I don’t have a specific number in mind but I can’t wait to be really really fat. I love the feel of my body growing and being unable to fit into my clothes. Watching the scale go up is so exciting to me and the feel of my belly stuffed and bloated is euphoric. I love to eat a lot of candy, snack cakes and other snacks. Of course pizza and cheeseburgers are at the top of the list too! Right now the more calories the better. I can’t wait to share all my gains with you. I hope you’re just as excited to watch me blow up into a big fat whale as I am about blowing up!

I love being stuffed! See how big and round my belly is when I’ve been fed properly. Come inside and watch me get fatter and fatter.