Queen Nora & Rainbow Lift, Sit, & Lounge

Queen Nora & Rainbow Lift, Sit, & Lounge (wmv)

It goes without saying that the giant Nora can easily lift Rainbow. The difference is vast between their bodies! But when the roles are reversed, Rainbow really struggles to overcome gravity against Nora’s girth. She can’t get her arms around Nora. And when she gets any sort of grip whatsoever, Nora simply won’t budge.

Once she finally gives up, Nora asks her to give her a horseback ride. That goes about as well as you might expect. She can’t tolerate Nora’s load on her back… let alone move an inch without a little (lot) of assistance from Nora.

Surprisingly, Rainbow can handle Nora sitting on her back while she’s laying across the stool. That pressure was immense as the stool was pressing into her belly as Nora places her 600+ lbs onto her back.

Then Nora does a little lap sitting.

Finally she uses Rainbow as a footstool as she sits back and relax.

All in a good day’s work!

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