Is The Belly Too Big? The Dress Is to Small for SSBBW Sunshine

Watch as I struggle and jiggle and bounce all of my supersized body trying to get all my big fat belly into this “tiny” little dress. It was marked a 5x so I was hopeful but the fabric just didn’t have enough stretch to make it over the mountainous belly that hangs in front of me.

This dress was so cute and the top was stretchy so I was hoping I could manage to get it over my big hanging belly but the dress was just no match. Every inch I pulled down the dress rolled back up again.

I even have Kimmy try to pull and hold down one side while I try to pull the other side and wedge it under my fat with no luck.

This is a great update not to be missed if you like seeing your SSBBW’s stuffed into clothes that are just way too small.