Bobbi Jo & Savannah Smash His Face

Bobbi Jo’s legs are so heavy that when she first sits on him, Savannah has to help lift Bobbi Jo’s leg to the other side of his body. What ensues is some of the greatest smashing we have to offer. Once she got positioned sitting rearward on him, you could see just how wide she is relative to his body. She wanted to slide back to his face but it was a serious struggle to fight through gravity to get her weight further back on his body. All the while he’s struggling and in her mind the fun hasn’t even started. You can hear him saying, “This is going to be tough!”

He wasn’t wrong.

Once Bobbi Jo was done smearing him into oblivious, Savannah hopped right on his face with some full weight facesitting. His tired body had no choice but to take her massive body smashing him into the ottoman. 

Next Bobbi Jo hops back on for some forward facesitting. From the front you cannot see one shred of this little man. He’s totally engulfed while Bobbi Jo bounces and grinds on his face without a single care.

If that weren’t enough, she called in Savannah to sit on her lap to finish him off. 

Brutal weight and smothering at its finest right here.

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