Bobbi Jo & Black Beauty Lounge, Trample, & Crush

Bobbi Jo & Black Beauty started out wanting to watch TV. Pretty innocent. They decided to use Matt as a footstool. The problem? Even this is intense since one of Bobbi Jo’s legs is the weight of an average woman. She placed one foot directly on his throat. You know you’re dealing with a dangerous woman when she can crush you with a single foot!

Once they got bored, BB started trampling the heck out of poor Matt… all while Bobbi Jo kept pressure on his throat. She stepped on and jumped on Matt until he couldn’t take it any longer. The weight play didn’t stop there, however. As one final reminder of just just how powerful these giant bodies are, BB sat on Bobbi Jo’s lap intensifying the pressure on Matt’s fragile throat.

In the end, they decided to crush some food and objects just for the heck of it.