BigmommaKat with a Broken Rib Scare & BigmommaKat’s First Squash

Here’s a classic from Kat. She starts by unforgivingly smashing him on the hard board. The grunts, moans, and screams he uncontrollably lets fly tells you his body is being pushed to the absolute brink. One such prolonged grunt he lets out after Kat flops down onto him led me to think he was hurt. What did Kat do? Laugh her ass off while staying firmly planted on his entire torso
And that was all before Kat decides to actually do jumping drops onto him! Oh yeah, and she also kneels on him for a brief stint as well. Absolute torture!
If all of that weren’t enough, our buddy Sam, here, decided he’d like to feel what it’s like to be trampled by Kat. This is a decision he’d later regret as it almost landed him in the hospital. Going straight to the hard floor without any padding, he laid next to a small plastic stool that amazingly supports Kat’s 600+ lbs. This makes an easy step for her right onto his tiny body. He informs her that he’d like for her to step first onto his chest.
What ensues is the most painful scream and groan we’ve ever witnessed here at FWP. She immediately steps off as he rolls up stating that he thinks he broke a rib. Kat proclaims that she felt them crack. Thankfully, they really weren’t. Just some bruised ribs. But it did end his time with Kat that day!

BigmommaKat’s First Squash 
There’s a new ssbbw squasher on the scene and she goes by BigmommaKat. Standing 5’1 and weighing 582 lbs, Kat brings a lot of power and personality. She always wanted to try squashing and after seeing other Full Weight Productions videos, she knew this is where she could start her squashing career. In this video you’ll see her familiarize herself with the power of her weight by putting our newest male seat, Big Boi, to the test. She lays, sits, and jumps on him while he lays on the couch. She batters him on the squash board. She even tramples him full weight on the floor. Finding a woman nearly 600 lbs with this amount of mobility and grace is a rarity. Enjoy! 
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