Bobbi Jo’s Massive Hips on Balls

October 11, 2018 admin 0

Bobbi Jo has some of the wides hippest in the world. Let me be the first to tell you… when she places them on you… it’s life changing. And life threatening. No joke… this woman has some serious freaking power. In this video you’ll see her bounce around on an exercise ball and some beach balls. She looks absolutely massive.
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Sugar Does Damage on the Board

September 21, 2018 admin 0

Sugar’s a dangerous woman. She has a smaller booty surface area than most women her size… but an enormous belly. This concentrates her massive weight making almost every position unbearably heavy. The balls pop. The air rushes out me. My ribs bend and bruise. And I struggle to survive.

She’s so large that she can choke him with her belly while she’s sitting at his waist.

Queen Nora Flattens Caesar on the Floor

September 3, 2018 admin 0

Queen Nora is a very, very big woman. To be laying on your back on the floor looking up at her is one of the most incredible and scary sights you will ever see. Especially knowing full well that she will not hesitate to drop every ounce of her jiggly, soft body straight down onto you with bone-crushing power. And that’s what she does to our little Caesar here. There are moments you can tell that he is completely suffocating as her weight sinks deeper and deeper into his body as he fatigues. Catch all the action from a variety of angles… sometimes seeming as if you’re right there with Caesar as he struggles.
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BigMommaKat’s First Squash

August 17, 2018 admin 0

There’s a new ssbbw squasher on the scene and she goes by BigmommaKat. Standing 5’1 and weighing 582 lbs, Kat brings a lot of power and personality. She always wanted to try squashing and after seeing other Full Weight Productions videos, she knew this is where she could start her squashing career. In this video you’ll see her familiarize herself with the power of her weight by putting our newest male seat, Big Boi, to the test. She lays, sits, and jumps on him while he lays on the couch. She batters him on the squash board. She even tramples him full weight on the floor. Finding a woman nearly 600 lbs with this amount of mobility and grace is a rarity. Enjoy!

160 lb Felicity Flattens Matt to the Extreme

July 7, 2018 admin 0

We all know Felicity doesn’t mess around and it’s no different in this clip. Felicity uses her new, high weight of 160 lbs to push Matt to his limits. There’s a ton of drops (some in slow mo), some feet in face while she sits on his belly, very hardcore throat sitting, and much more. You don’t want to miss this one.

BigmommaKat Facesits Pat on the Sofa

There are simply no words to explain the terror of totally giving full control to a 600 lb woman who’s hell bent on seeing how long you can take her full weight on your face. Deep down you realize that there’s no moving her if you need a break and she refuses to budge. Pat’s pushed to his limits a number of times in this video where BigmommaKat plants her luscious ass – forwards and reverse – on Pat’s little head.

BigmommaKat Demolishes Little Bulldog on the Board

June 21, 2018 admin 0

For a 145 lb guy, LBD can handle a 600+ lb woman on an unforgiving wooden board quite well. And by handle well, I mean not .
BigmommaKat is such that if you say you can handle it and you want it, she’s going to dish it 100%. She shows it in this video full force as she throws her big body around unforgivingly as LBD struggles to survive.
She sits on his chest, belly, and head with all her weight from every angle imaginable – including full weight facesitting.

Tic Tac Toe Has Never Been So Rough!

Miss GG is back and this time she brought along her sister, Lexi. It was actually Miss GG’s idea to play bingo. She asked, “Can we play tic tac toe while sitting on you.” I didn’t realize just how violent GG planned on being.
There is some prolonged sitting but what really did me in was the hardcore bouncing that GG did. They were mini butt drops and given that she’s 600+… it took all I had to stay whole and catch gulps of breath between drops.

Sugar Lounges On & Tramples Matt – Weigh-in Included

May 18, 2018 admin 0

This video starts out with Sugar confirming her gargantuan size. She tips the scales at WELL over 500 lbs and most of that weight is in her belly. This makes for very extreme sitting, since all that weight from her belly comes pressing onto her victims through relatively tiny butt. It’s straight up brutal to handle.

She wanted to watch some television while sitting on Matt. He handled it for a bit, but he was driven straight down to a board to the frame of the sofa that was close to breaking is spine. His spine was literally folding over this board. And so he turned to a vertical position so his head was between her thighs. It’s an impressive sight to see such a large belly powering over a smaller mans chest and head this way.
Then she shifts to some rear-facing facesitting on the sofa. It’s all he can handle and just when he thought they were done, she commands him to get on the floor. Up until now, he was in charge for the most part… telling her how to sit on her. She’s still new to this. But she really wanted to try trampling. He thought he had made it through the shoot without having to endure it. But she wanted it right then and there. And so you’ll see some seriously heavy feet pressing deeply into this poor chap. There’s some POV thrown into the mix as well.


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Queen Nora Snacks & Destroys on the Bed / Savannah Squishes Matt on the Mattress

April 25, 2018 admin 0

Matt wanted this to be a 12 minute video. He figured on the bed it’d be easy to handle the 598 lb Queen Nora. He went as far as to tell her to enjoy her snack… take her time. No need to rush with the soft bed helping to support her.
Boy was he wrong. He couldn’t make 6 minutes! After the video was finished, he said it was the closest he felt to being suffocated to . There was just very little breathing going on. It didn’t help that ever few seconds Queen Nora would flop her belly onto his face. As if the chest and belly constriction wasn’t enough.
This was a brutally challenging video.

The beautiful Savannah does a number on Matt (and the mattress) in this installment. I mean… this is a doubled up air mattress we’re talking and Matt’s head is nearly pressed all the way to the floor under the heavy load. Savannah does some drops while forward facing on Matt’s chest and face. At one point one of the seams on the mattress breaks. At another, long after Matt’s energy is spent, she sits on his face with an evil grin as he taps and squirms with panic for air. Savannah is definitely finding her groove with using her weight as a weapon.


BigmommaKat and Kimmy Crush Turn Herman into a Sofa

April 6, 2018 admin 0

Get ready for some serious spring crushing, board bending, bone smashing action as BigmommaKat and Kimmy Crush double sit Herman on the sofa. You’ll see them bounce, drop, motor boat one another, play with each others boobs, facesit Herman, and you’ll even see Kat rip a stinky fart right on Herman’s face… nearly stinking Kimmy off the sofa.
This one was tons of fun!
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