Five New SSBBW Videos Added at FWP!!!

Nora Gets a Ride, Gets “Lifted,”, and Smashes His Lights Out
This poor guy gets obliterated in this video. At first, Nora makes him carry her huge weight on his back full on while she rides him like a horse facing forward and then to the side. Needless to say, he doesn’t last terribly long. Then she wants to see if he can lift her. He tries using a variety of holds but, to no one’s surprise… her feet never leave the ground. Heck, even getting your arms around Nora is a chore!

Juicy Joyce Tramples and Snacks
Juicy Joyce was hungry. Instead of standing at the kitchen counter preparing her food in a boring way, she decided to use Matt as her footstool. This is a LOT of woman to be standing full weight on a man on a hard floor. She smashes him good for sure. She then moves over to the sofa where she enjoys her snack while smashing and smothering him flat straight into the sofa. This woman is soft and heavy!!

Felicity’s Gain Puts Matt in Peril
This is a standard evening with Felicity. She loves her snacks. It’s common to see her chug down a milkshake or two while munching on chips or baked goods. She’ll watch TV or browse her phone. All pretty normal stuff. Except she also expects Matt to be her seat or floor. 

Nora Flattens Rainbow
You gotta love seeing the contrast between Nora’s huge frame and tiny Rainbow. This was the least amount of padding Rainbow ever used to handle Nora’s 630 lb body as it starts out on the floor only using a couple of sofa cushions. It was a tough video for both of them. Rainbow couldn’t handle it for very long, so Nora had to continually get up from such a low seated position.

Bobbi Jo Crushes Him to the Brink – View 2
This is a classic from a view you’ve not seen before. It gives you an incredible visual and audible experience. It’s as if you’re right there trapped beneath Bobbi Jo’s colossal thighs. Pinned to the board. So flat your lungs are about to collapse. This video should be next to the word “splat” in the dictionary. She holds nothing back as she throws her giant body around unforgivingly on the solid oak board.
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