SSBBW Latina Amazon Belly Plopping

October 12, 2019 admin 0

 I love using my big heavy low hanging double belly and the weight of it to punish bad boys but when there’s not one around it can be fun to just let it plop down on a table.

I love hearing the slapping sound of my fat against the table and I love to watch the ripples travel up my belly making it jiggle from the impact.

Watch as I pick up my big heavy hanging belly fat apron and let it plop and flop down onto the table and imagine yourself being under all that weight and the heat of my skin on your face as you struggle under me and beg for mercy!

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Never Big Enough BBW

September 7, 2019 admin 0

In my newest update you get to see me trying to get comfortable on the sofa.  Of course when you’re  a amazon SSBBW at 5’11 and over 500 lbs  it’s hard to find furniture that’s big enough, wide enough, sturdy enough, comfortable enough …

This little hotel sofa was obviously not made for anyone half as wide as me. My super big hanging belly falls over the side hanging down and jiggling around as I toss and turn trying to find a comfortable spot.

See how far off the sofa my big belly apron hangs? It’s almost to the floor flowing down like a squishy, soft, wobbly, waterfall made of big hanging belly apron fat.

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Squashing Virgin Takes On SSBBW AMAZON Maria

August 25, 2019 admin 0

In this new update you get to see me have the pleasure of taking on first time squashing victim Shaq.  

Up for anything, Shaq submits himself to me completely.  It’s so tempting to take advantage of his naive innocence and really let him have it full out.

I can imagine myself doing extreme butt drops, pounding my big heavy body into his chest until he begs for mercy. 

Maybe I should  bounce on his chest while my big fat hanging belly , cellulite jiggling plops down onto his face beating him mercilessly until he looks like he went 10 rounds with Tyson. 

In the end I do decide to go a bit easy on him until I can see what the man is made of. 

I  sit on his chest, bouncing and pounding his chest just a bit while plopping my huge heavy belly apron down onto his face. 

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SSBBW AMAZON Maria Belly Plop & Play

August 8, 2019 admin 0

Do you see how big my soft jiggly belly has gotten? I love the way it lays out in front of me like a big warm wiggly bowl of jello that wobbles with each little movement. My big hanging belly is getting too heavy to lift but I can still manage to lift it enough so that we can watch its increasing heft plop down with a heavy thud. Watch as it jiggles to life with each plop. It’s such a sexy sight to see my fat pussy peaking out from under my belly with each lift. Don’t miss a second of this sexy new update! Come join me now at  Maria SSBBW Amazon | Just another site

Amazon Maria – SSBBW Latina Buttdrops slave

July 15, 2019 admin 0

At first I was shy to any butt drops, squashing, face sitting or anything that I thought would hurt. I came out of that shyness and I love it but sometimes I’m still a bit timid in letting loose. (Un)fortunately for the slave Kimmy is there to encourage me to be more brutal and when I still feel timid she gives me an example. Watch this awesome update as I drop my massive SSBBW Amazon body down onto this willing slave. We love to hear him grunt and groan along with the sofa springs! 
Maria SSBBW Amazon | Just another site

SSBBW Maria Breaks “Sturdy” Office Chair

July 5, 2019 admin 0

The hotel did their best in trying to give us a sturdy heavy duty fat friendly chair. It was nice not to have to squeeze my wide hips and super fat thighs in between the arms but I felt like I was about to fall the whole time! See how big my butt looks hanging off the sides. It felt like I was going to fall the whole time. And just when I thought I was gonna break it I noticed a washer in the floor from where I already had. I was going to feel bad but I was too amused with how fat I have gotten. Don’t forget to click the link for all of my sexy  fat Latina updates with lots of face sitting, squashing, butt drops and feedee fun! 
Maria SSBBW Amazon | Just another site

Big SSBBW Low Hanging Belly Dancing with SSBBW Maria

May 12, 2019 admin 0

There is nothing sexier than a woman belly dancing … except a woman with a BIG low hanging double belly dancing! In this newest update I’m taking on Shakira and doing my best big belly dance. Watch as my low hanging fat double belly sways back and forth with the rhythm. Moving my hips side to side and in circles causes all of my fat to shake and jiggle with each move. Don’t forget to click the link for all of my sexy  fat Latina updates! 
Maria SSBBW Amazon | Just another site

Big Hanging Belly & Belly Button Play with Latina SSBBW Maria

April 12, 2019 admin 0

Since my last update my belly has gotten bigger and softer and I just love it.  Watch this sexy new update of me playing with my beautifully soft belly. Enjoy this HD Video and HUGE picture set with over 160 pictures of me rubbing and jiggling my huge hanging belly. Watch as I slip my fingers into my deep tight belly button hole. Listen to my sexy accent as I talk about how much I love my belly to be rubbed and kissed. Come join me now for this hot huge update and much much more.
Maria SSBBW Amazon | Just another site

Sexy SSBBW Amazonian Latina Sits Pretty

December 14, 2018 admin 0

Like a bird on a perch I sit on top of this partial wall.  Making jokes about how huge I look on this tiny little partition has me in stitches. I don’t know how that wall didn’t collapse under my massive body but I’m so glad it didn’t. Could you imagine me on the floor with a pile of sheet rock dust underneath me. How would I explain that? Luckily for me it held up. I love how huge I look , especially my big soft belly hanging between my knees as I struggle to keep my balance.  Maria SSBBW Amazon | Just another site

Amazonian SSBBW Maria Boob & Belly Jiggle

November 17, 2018 admin 0

The best part of being fat is whenever you’re bored you can just play with your fat and watch it jiggle for a laugh. As I’m sitting pushing my boobs together and jiggling them Kimmy starts recording. Join me this week and watch my perfect boobs jiggle. They may not be huge but they’re a mouthful!  Maria SSBBW Amazon | Just another site