Hey y’all! I’m SSBBW Kittyxo. I am 27 and from Oklahoma. I have been making hot clips since around 2016. I have a huge belly and ass. I love to show off and jiggle my tummy and eat a load of yummy food. I have what I believe is one of the largest FUPAs around. I dream of squishing someone beneath it. I believe anyone of any size can be sexy, even, and especially, Super Size people. I like people of all genders, presentations, and orientations. I want to be someone’s submissive feedee, but a goddess at the same time. Stay tuned for lots of SSBBW, feedism, vore, immobility, and general fat fun! Mwah!!

I can’t wait to see where we go together in this adventure! I am thrilled to be able to show you my crazy fat SSBBW world with no holds barred! It’s such a blessing to have a unique shape and to be able to be surrounded by such a loving community who loves me and allows me to explore EVERYTHING about being so wide. I truly hope you come along as I continue to live the wide life!