SSBBW Lexi Sexy Size 11’s In Stilettos

October 30, 2020 admin 0

My big size 11 feet look so sexy in these heels. Come worship my pretty toes and kiss the soles of my big SSBBW feet. Let me step on you and squash you like the pathetic little bug you are. Feel these long sharp heels pressing down into your skin while you beg for mercy.  Come on over today and join me for all the tit play, squashing, SSBBW teasing fun.

SSBBW Lexi Big Butt Wobble, Fat Pussy Peek-a-Boo & Dirty Feet

October 23, 2020 admin 0

On my knees with my big butt in the air, my huge SSBBW body wobbling with every movement. My fat pussy playing peek a boo as my panties barely cover it. My fat creamy thighs look so inviting and soft, I know you want to grab them and squeeze them. Not last look at my sexy feet, my cute little toes, too bad I don’t have a naughty foot lover to come lick them clean for me.  Come on over today and join me for all the tit play, squashing, SSBBW teasing fun. Https://

SSBBW Lexi Plays With Her Big Tits

October 17, 2020 admin 0

Watch me play with my big fat tits in this new update. I jiggle and sucks and lick my big natural saggy tits. Come enjoy watching this SSBBW be just a little bit naughty pinching my nipples and stretching them out.
I love playing with my big tits but I love them being played with even more. Come on over today and join me for all the tit play, squashing, SSBBW teasing fun. Https://

SSBBW Lexi in Pink Lingerie

October 12, 2020 admin 0

BBW’s, SSBBW’s , USSBBW’s are all beautiful. I love being a fat woman in sexy lingerie. I feel so feminine and soft. I love this set of me sitting on the sofa in my soft pink lingerie. My big natural sagging tits hanging perfectly, my big double belly covering my soft creamy thick thighs and hanging down between them just a little bit. My big legs are gorgeous and my feet so pretty with my pink painted toenails. The only thing that would make this set better is if I were sitting on your face instead of the sofa.

SSBBW Lexi Plays With Massive Hanging Double Belly

October 12, 2020 admin 0

In this set watch me rub and jiggle my massive hanging double belly. I love being a SSBBW and I love my huge belly apron , big and round. I love showing off all my fat and my big sexy body. When I roll over on my side see how much of my big belly hangs off the side of the sofa. I can’t wait until my belly hangs to the floor! Get a good look at my big fat fluffy thighs. They look like big soft clouds under my belly! I could use some help holding my big belly up and jiggling it. Do you have a free hand?

SSBBW Lexi First Body Measurement

October 12, 2020 admin 0

For the first time I take the measuring tape and wrap it around all of my huge fat body! How many inches is this big sexy SSBBW? Join me to find out. I am so excited to see how big my obese body is. I measure everything from my arms and tits to my legs. I struggle around my massive hanging belly to get the tape up around my legs so we can see those measurements. Join me today to see just how big and sexy I am. The numbers never lie.

SSBBW Lexi First Weigh In

October 12, 2020 admin 0

Join me for my first weigh in. Let’s see how fat this big SSBBW body of mine really is! I know I’ve gained weight in my huge belly and my thick thighs. I just can’t wait to see how much. I’m so excited to share this first of many with you. Let’s celebrate the awesomely fat number by stuffing your new favorite feedee! I hope to keep gaining weight until I become one of the fattest Ultra SSBBW’s you’ve ever seen! Who knows maybe I’ll even become immobile in a few years.