HI! I’m Nora.
Welcome to my website.
I’m a 5’2 and over 600lbs sexy fat girl from upstate New York. I enjoy everything outdoors, hunting, fishing, you name it and I’m there. I even enjoy being naughty outdoors. Mostly, I love everything about my big fat body. All my soft fluffy curves are so much fun to rub and jiggle. You will love my curves too.
Don’t let them fool you though, I can really do some damage with this big strong body of mine. Squashing, Butt drops, Crushing and even trampling are some of my favorite things to do with all this weight. I can take out a naughty boy in no time. I hope you come in and watch me having fun with some of my favorite seats. Do you think you could handle me?

I love being so big and fat. Look at all these sexy fat rolls! Come on inside to the members area to get the best of me and my sexy fat body.

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