SSBBW Kimmy Crush Weigh in

May 8, 2016 admin 0 or  I have a WEIGH  of making a big impression with my massive size.  My huge DDD natural tits that sag from age and weight,  my huge belly covered in stretch marks and hanging nearly to my knees, a big round ass with a sizeable back shelf and big fluffy thighs that jiggle and rub when I move and show every dimpled ounce of cellulite all are a lot to take in. Love it or hate it the one question most people want to know when they see me is HOW MUCH DO I WEIGH????  The proof is on the scale! Check out this sexy weigh in where for the first time in years I step on a scale and let the numbers do the talking.  Come on over to or  and see this sexy weigh in set plus much more!
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