Queen Nora Wrestles Little King

September 27, 2018 admin 0

King might be little. But he’s a challenging opponent… even factoring in Nora’s 600+ lb frame. She tries to pin him down over and over and he resists. It’s amazing to see the size comparison going on here. And to see her fat jiggle and roll as she moves about her opponent.
She does sneak attack him at the end to get a tap. It was a hard fought battle, though, with lots of mini breaks in between so Nora could catch her breath.

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Being a Sofa for Avery & April

September 22, 2018 Full Weight Life 0

I’ve been trying to work with Avery for a long time. We connected on Feabie. She’s not one of those fake feedees, either. She’s legit. Very passionate about her body, her weight, food, etc. Hell… she’s passionate in general. Just a person that’s capable of making you feel alive simply by connecting with her.

Now her being a feedee doesn’t really have any bearing on this story. I’m not a feeder. Though I am excited by the idea of a woman getting heavier. That likely stems from my love of experiencing weight on me, though. To me… more weight means more power. And more power means a more intense experience with squashing.

Weight… it’s something that’s very hard to get off my mind.

I’m “that guy” who will watch for how low the shocks on a car will sink as a big woman sits her giant bottom into her seat.

And sofas! To see a woman take up more than a single cushion… and to see the entire sofa bend under her weight…

It’s magic to me.

Thankfully I don’t have to leave it all up to my imagination. I don’t have to wonder what that weight actually feels like. Is it as powerful as it looks? Can my bones support it in the same way the wood in the sofa does? Can I endure it for any length of time?

Given my line of work, I actually get to be the sofa from time to time.

And that’s exactly where this little story ended up, as evidenced by the picture above.

A Rocky Start

When I first reached out to Avery, she was excited to work with me. She didn’t have experience with squashing, but she was all about trying it. I was excited to work with her, too. To call her a goddess is an understatement of epic proportions. This girl is hot! Plus, her personality seemed so amazing in our emails and the one telephone conversation we had.

My schedule got crazy, though. I ran her through the ringer of failed shoots. Before long, she wrote me off as a flake. Months had gone by. I reached out to her to see if we could work on coordinating this long overdue shoot. She wasn’t having it. She was sick of what she considered games she assumed I was playing. I didn’t blame her for writing me off. Shit, I would have likely done the same if I were her. Even though I was beyond angry with myself for botching such a great opportunity to work with a new woman… I played it cool. I’m a patient man. Plus I genuinely respect other’s time and opinions.

A year had passed. Maybe more. I saw her profile pop up on Feabie and figured it was time to open the conversation back up.

Hey there,

I hope all is well in your world!

I know you were tired of the runaround but figured I’d drop you a line about this weekend. I have availability to shoot. If you’re open and interested in opening this conversation again… I’m here. If not, I respect that.

Take care,


I was shocked. She responded within minutes. What’s more… her response was favorable. She was down to give me a second (or maybe it was a fifth) chance.

Hell yeah, baby!

I assure you… I do feel fortunate for the position I find myself in. I don’t take this all for granted. I mean… it’s not all luck as some would have it. I am a trustworthy guy. I earn respect by way of how I treat these women. I’m straightforward and open. But at times like this… I do feel lucky, too.

Because not only did Avery agree to a shoot. She had a friend who wanted to do it as well. All that I knew was her friend, April, was smaller. And that’s okay. Small can still be epically fun. And it’s not like she was skinny. She was over 200 lbs. That’s about all I knew.

And so… the shoot was scheduled for the upcoming weekend. She picked the hotel. It was a mere 20 minutes from my home. Things seemed to be working out wonderfully.

That First Impression Though

I have a bit of anxiety. I’ve been doing this a long time. It’s a nervewracking experience, really. I mean, here I am driving to a random hotel. To meet women I do not know. Part of me feels as if I’m doing something wrong. Plus, you never truly know what or who you’re dealing with on the ‘net. For all I know, I can be walking into an ambush. They know I’m bringing money. Camera equipment. Probably a computer. It’d be a lucrative hit.

Now if you’re reading this and you’re getting any ideas… let’s not forget a couple of things.

  1. I have a permit to carry.
  2. I’m stronger than I look. I mean, let’s think it through… part of my living is having half a ton jump around on me.
  3. I will beat your ass. Straight up. Of course, I’m not talking about beating a woman. I’d never lay my hands on a woman like that. But if any guys ever planned on setting me up. Yeah… don’t.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

So yeah… I’m anxious. To be honest, it’s not so much fear of getting ambushed. It’s more of the unknown. I’m a bit of an introvert. Meeting new people in general in anxiety-inducing for me. Even though I love it… it stirs up nerves. Especially in this context.

Finally we were at that moment. Avery texted that she’s here.

What room number?


You sure it’s 324? I’m not seeing it.

It’s down the one side hall. Here… let me come out. Can you hear my door opening?

No! Are you sure you’re at the right hotel?

Right hotel? You’re the one that picked the hotel. I just put it in my GPS and drove here.

Shit! We are at the wrong hotel. Sorry! We’ll be there in 15.

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! The suspense is killing me at this point. I spend the extra time inflating some beach balls that would later meet their demise under the luscious asses of two amazing women. It helped pass the time.

Sure enough, 15 minutes later there’s a knock on my door.

Avery walked in first. I could tell from her profile pictures on Feabie that she was a good looking woman. But wow. She was genuinely gorgeous. Far prettier than her pictures indicated… and that didn’t seem possible. She’s the real epitome of what it means to be a supersized goddess.  She oozed energy, too. Every fiber of her being was infectious.

Behind her walked the “wild card,” April. I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ll be frank here. I knew Avery would be great… so any sidekick would do. Even if she was subpar for this line of work… it didn’t quite matter.

Let me tell you something right here.

April was fucking hot! Like straight up stunning. Her face. Her frame. Her smile. Her curves. Her personality. All of it… a total package of beauty and sexiness. The best part is… I truly don’t believe that she realizes how special she is. This woman deserves the world and more. She’s no sidekick… that’s for sure. She could model for me solo any day of the week.

At this point, my nerves were transforming into excitement. I wanted to get this shoot rolling right freaking now. All I’m thinking at this point is, “Let’s make magic for FWP.”

The First Experience

Here’s a part of FWP that I think is very cool. The vast majority of women who premier on FWP have absolutely zero experience with squashing. None. Zero. Nill. Nada. I’ve worked with some women who are true, seasoned doms with their weight.  That’s cool and all. Trust me… I know the magic behind a woman who knows how to use her weight and enjoys the power of it all. But there’s also something special about experiencing this with a woman for the first time.

Typically they feel like they’re too heavy to throw their full weight around like this. They’re worried about hurting me. They’re guarded about the power of their weight.

Watching these shackles break away as they dip their toes into the world of squashing is amazing. I find that many women actually gain confidence in doing this. I’ve been told by some of the women I’ve worked with that it’s liberating. It’s the first time they’ve gotten to experience a man actually worshipping their weight. Something that they’ve generally hidden from men in the past. It’s an eye-opening experience for them.

I can’t say how this initial experience was for Avery and April. At least not from their perspective. I think Avery was more rearing to go than April. She’s just more outgoing in general I think… and so she was more receptive to letting her weight fly. April is a little more reserved. However, she quickly found her groove.

Back to being a sofa.

We agreed to start on the sofa in this nice hotel room. Something about jumping right into squashing on the floor, the hard board, trampling, or things of this nature seems wrong. Why go from 0 to 100 with a woman who is on edge about this experience. Let her find her footing. Let her gain a little confidence with less intense sitting.

Becoming a human sofa is the perfect springboard for a woman who’s trying squashing for the first time.

Avery started.

ssbbw avery about to sit down onto me

Sometimes guys ask me what it’s like.

Looking up at a woman like this knowing that she’s about to unleash her full weight on my much smaller body. There are no words that can do it justice. How can you explain one of the greatest experiences in the universe with words? It’s just that. An experience. It has to be EXPERIENCED.

Again, though… looking up at all of that knowing what’s about to happen is out of this world.

And so she sat.

ssbbw avery sitting on me

ssbbw avery sitting on me on the sofa

Avery was heavier than I thought she’d be. Her profile on Feabie claimed 420 lbs. This didn’t feel like 420 lbs. Let’s just say that we’d later confirm that she’s meaningfully heavier. She bounced around and did as much flattening as she could on the sofa. Eventually, she fatigued and tagged April into play.

April sitting on me for the first time.

She was cracking up. I was struggling as she jumped around on me. I love that. A woman laughing totally unaware of just how much power her body and weight possess.

At one point, totally unexpectedly, she just jump up onto me feet first and bounced all around on me as if I were a trampoline.

very heavy trampling

Before long, my body was shot. For their first time, they brought it. My body felt molded into the sofa. Almost as if I had become part of the sofa.

They had other plans, though.

They weren’t through with me just yet.

These two love each other. Best of friends. They do everything together. So why not squash together!?

heavy facesitting

At first, it started innocently enough. The heavier of the two, Avery, was on my legs. And while it crushes the hell out of your thigh bones… it’s bearable. Avery has some of the greatest lower body curves in history… so her plopping her amazing booty onto my face is never a bad thing. Even if at times it pushes you to the point of feeling like you’re going to black out.

I was enduring it and they seemed to be having a blast.

But then…

ssbbw facesitting

They switched places. This time there was a heck of a lot more pressure on my head, throat, and chest. And they were totally immersed in each other. Almost as if they lost focus of the fact that there was a lifeless body under them. A guy weighin a mere quarter of their combined weight. A guy who couldn’t gulp an ounce of air even if his life depended on it. Or I guess his life sort of did depend on it.

Eventually I tapped. I didn’t want to. The conflict is real. You know you’re experiencing something magical. You don’t want it to end. But you also want to live to experience this again. And again. And again. And so you tap.

I truly thought were were done. I mean… what more could I possibly handle at this point. They knew I was gassed. And this was only the first of many videos that we’d hopefully make this day.

They had other plans.

One body on my head and chest wasn’t enough for them.

They wanted to stack their weight.

And so they did.

facesitting pile up

This was beyond heavy. I could feel the springs of the sofa digging into my head. I could hear them creaking. My vision was going blurry.

Again, I tapped. This time faster. I had no choice.

As a finale, they went full force double facesitting on me.

double facesitting

This is where I should stop writing words. Again. No words to it justice.

Just look. Let your imagination run wild.

Think about how amazing, scary, sexy, and intense it is.

Now multiply it by 1,000.

And there you have it.

The very first video with Avery and April.

I’ll share more stories from this epic shoot. There’s so much more greatness to come. And we click well. I have no doubt in my mind that there will be more shoots in the future. If you have requests, by all means… leave them in the comments below.

And if you want to own this clip, please visit any of our websites. You’ve got options. The membership site, the hybrid store, or the clips store.

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Sugar Does Damage on the Board

September 21, 2018 admin 0

Sugar’s a dangerous woman. She has a smaller booty surface area than most women her size… but an enormous belly. This concentrates her massive weight making almost every position unbearably heavy. The balls pop. The air rushes out me. My ribs bend and bruise. And I struggle to survive.

She’s so large that she can choke him with her belly while she’s sitting at his waist.

Introducing Avery & April to FWP

September 14, 2018 admin 0

Avery and April make a dynamic duo. They’re both stunningly beautiful. They’re both scarily intense. Neither has ever squashed before this shoot and they BROUGHT it. It’s as if they’ve been doing this for a decade. Matt left this shoot more sore than almost any other shoot in the history of FWP.

In this video you’ll see the 450+ lb Avery and 200+ lb April take takes wrecking Matt on the sofa. They finish him off with some doubled up squashing and bouncing.

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SubmissiveMind Does Some Crushing

September 13, 2018 admin 0

SubmissiveMind is a woman who wants to try her hand at squashing eventually. She’s fierce and has a powerful, sensual body. Distance has stood in the way of us connecting for that kind of shoot. In the interim, she wanted to show us all what her body and weight can do. In this video she crushes objects and teases us with what she could easily do with our bones!

Watch her destroy balloons, cans, eggs, and cupcakes!

Queen Nora Flattens Caesar on the Floor

September 3, 2018 admin 0

Queen Nora is a very, very big woman. To be laying on your back on the floor looking up at her is one of the most incredible and scary sights you will ever see. Especially knowing full well that she will not hesitate to drop every ounce of her jiggly, soft body straight down onto you with bone-crushing power. And that’s what she does to our little Caesar here. There are moments you can tell that he is completely suffocating as her weight sinks deeper and deeper into his body as he fatigues. Catch all the action from a variety of angles… sometimes seeming as if you’re right there with Caesar as he struggles.
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