SSBBW Valentine with SSBBW Feedee Fatasha

February 21, 2015 admin 0 or is updated with 2 photo sets and a video of me jiggling my massive thighs!

In one of the photo sets i am taking it way back to when i had my old site ! So these pictures are oldies but goodies!
In the other photo set i am modeling a pretty Black w/ hearts nitie and some pink panties! In this set i even jump on top
of my camera man and he shot some point of view photos! Definitely a great set !

I really think you all will enjoy these updates! :)
Find me on Twitter at : TheFeedeeLife
Tumblr: fatashassbbw

Have a great week you guys ! XOXOfatasha123

SSBBW Fatasha eating Mc D’s. SSBBW Feeding.

September 20, 2014 admin 0 or is updated with a 10 minute video and 62 photos of me in my Mcdonald’s
hat (crown hehe)

In the 10 minute video it shows me munching on apple pie and cheeseburger while i tell you how i got my Mcdonald’s crown.
There are plenty of belly jiggling and shaking going on in this video with lots of fat talk!

I think this update is for the belly lovers out there! Enjoy!!


SSBBW Fatasha Feedee

September 2, 2014 admin 0


SSBBW Fatasha Is Open!!!!

I am back from a hiatus and ready to share my fat,growing body with all of you again.

It is long overdue as i am a Super Sized Fatty that LOVES to share my weight gaining with everyone.

During my hiatus i never stopped gaining! It has been a slow gaining process for me as my activity
level continues to be a little too high! I am single and ready to mingle.I am looking for my forever
feeder. I need love and companionship just as much as i need to be fed and fattened!! 

Inside my new site you will find plenty of different videos and pictures. I have acquired many different
interests with age. For Example:
Pantyhose Play
Face Sitting
Lap Sitting
And Many Others!

If you have any requests for me you may email me at ! 

I am very happy to have a site again so i can share my huge and growing body with you guys.

I think I have definitely plumped nicely up during my hiatus! You will love it as much as i do i am sure!!




SSBBW Fatasha is now open!

August 29, 2014 admin 0

Welcome I just opened up my new site for all my followers. You will see me cover lots of fat fetishes inside ranging from weight gain, feeding to squashing and crushing. Please check out my tour and clipstore and when your ready come join me inside for some more fun.

Added 8 new sets and 7 Video clips for members inside.