SSBBW Fatasha cheesecake Stuffing, SSBBW Eating

May 18, 2015 admin 0 or is updated with 47 photos of me modeling some tight jean shorts and a tank top outside in the sunshine. I love the way these shorts fit (er,don’t fit) They are so snug on my fat rolls.I love it! Also included in this update is a video of me enjoying one of my favorite snacks! Cheesecake pudding! I hope you guys enjoy this update! <3 YOU!



Fatty having breakfast, ssbbw fatasha stuffing breakfast

March 21, 2015 admin 0 or is updated with a sexy photo set that contains 58 sexy photos of me modeling
some white boy shorts and a pretty blue and white top. All while i am enjoying some breakfast.

In the latter half of the photo set i really get in to my eating. Throwing my head back and chewing in bliss. It was so
YUMMY! Thank you guys for all the support.

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Have a great week you guys ! XOXOfatasha

SSBBW Valentine with SSBBW Feedee Fatasha

February 21, 2015 admin 0 or is updated with 2 photo sets and a video of me jiggling my massive thighs!

In one of the photo sets i am taking it way back to when i had my old site ! So these pictures are oldies but goodies!
In the other photo set i am modeling a pretty Black w/ hearts nitie and some pink panties! In this set i even jump on top
of my camera man and he shot some point of view photos! Definitely a great set !

I really think you all will enjoy these updates! :)
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Tumblr: fatashassbbw

Have a great week you guys ! XOXOfatasha123

Fatasha SSBBW Chicago pizza stuffing

January 16, 2015 admin 0 or is updated with 47 pictures and a 14 minute video!

In the picture set i am modeling my One love shirt i got from Virginia Beach and some green panties!
Plenty of rolls in this picture update :)

In the 14 minute + video i am stuffing myself with Authentic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza that a sweet
guy sent me from Goldbely! It was soooo delicious! I am completely nude save for a pair of panties
that have rolled down under my massive belly! I hope you Enjoy!!

Do you have any suggestions for my site ? Do you have any requests you would like for me to fulfill? Let me know at


SSBBW Fatasha pudding stuffing.

January 10, 2015 admin 0 or is updated with 63 photos and a 9+ minutes video!

By request: I did a photo set of what i look like when i first wake up. Pure Natural Naked SSBBW goodness.
I am confident you will love this photo set full of sexy fat rolls.

In the video i am gorging on chocolate pudding with whipped cream. Naked on my bed. Those pudding cups
are only enough for 3 bites for this fat girl!

Have a good week you guys!!fatasha


November 13, 2014 admin 0 or is updated with 48 photos and an 18 Minute video!

In the picture set i venture out in nature in a pretty black dress,black bra,black panties,and cute
sparkly black shoes! I love these photos because the colors are just magnificent and the lighting shows
off every dimple on my body! One of my favorite sets so far!!

In the 18 minute video i stuff myself with taco after taco while rubbing my massive belly! I did something
in this video that i have never done before in a video. I burped…TWICE! I was really enjoying this food!

Thank you guys!


fatasha ssbbw eating snacks and taking a shower

October 31, 2014 admin 0 or is updated with a 10+ minute shower video and 54 pictures.

In this picture set i am lounging about in panties and top made from a fishnet material.
My snacks are never far away! I have some snacks nearby for my eating pleasure. There are lots
of rolls and fat showing in this one ;)

I take you to the shower with me in my new video! You can watch as i wash my hair and take my shower.
You can see the struggle i go through just to do normal everyday things now! There ARE lots of fat rolls
jiggling and swaying in this video! And DO I get stuck trying to get out of the shower???!!

Have a good week you guys!! :-*