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December 26, 2014 admin 0 or is updated with 42 Photos of me showing off in my Pretty Lacey black Slip
And Lacey black panties! I love my belly in this set. Black always did show off all my rolls instead of hiding them :)

Included in this update is a video of me weighing my belly :) I am surprised to learn that just my belly has a great
bit of weight!

Do you have any suggestions for my site ? Do you have any requests you would like for me to fulfill? Let me know at    Happy Holidays you guys!!fatasha


November 13, 2014 admin 0 or is updated with 48 photos and an 18 Minute video!

In the picture set i venture out in nature in a pretty black dress,black bra,black panties,and cute
sparkly black shoes! I love these photos because the colors are just magnificent and the lighting shows
off every dimple on my body! One of my favorite sets so far!!

In the 18 minute video i stuff myself with taco after taco while rubbing my massive belly! I did something
in this video that i have never done before in a video. I burped…TWICE! I was really enjoying this food!

Thank you guys!


SSBBW Fatasha eating Mc D’s. SSBBW Feeding.

September 20, 2014 admin 0 or is updated with a 10 minute video and 62 photos of me in my Mcdonald’s
hat (crown hehe)

In the 10 minute video it shows me munching on apple pie and cheeseburger while i tell you how i got my Mcdonald’s crown.
There are plenty of belly jiggling and shaking going on in this video with lots of fat talk!

I think this update is for the belly lovers out there! Enjoy!!