Worlds Widest Hips Crush Victim – SSBBW Bobbi Facing Charges

I sit under the bright light in the cold steel chair. I tell the detective that I tried to tell him it would hurt. I can’t imagine what he was thinking when he decided he wanted to be trapped between my ass and a mere cushion on the floor.   I face away from him so he can at least have a view worth dying for. I loom over him with my expansive wide hips hovering like a big soft cloud. My thighs so soft and creamy and covered in cellulite just waiting for the go ahead  to drop my big ass down on top of his face trapping him in the soft supple fat that will soon fill his mouth and nostrils as he tries to suck in his last breath. I feel him grunt and struggle beneath me just before he blacks out and goes limp.  Then suddenly I awake from my little day dream.
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