Wide & Bare – Pear Shaped SSBBW BiBi Squashes John

John just loves to be punished. In fact I’d say he’s a bit of a masochist when it comes to having some of the fattest women in the world pressing their weight into his chest. He may have regretted this decision with BiBi. From the time she sits he groans from her massive weight crushing into his chest. Each time she stands just long enough for him to catch a breath she drops her 600 plus pounds back down onto him, the fat roll from her upper  thigh slapping down onto his face. Almost from the beginning you can see how hard he is struggling to hold the shear mass of this lovely pearshaped SSBBW’s  weight. His face is so red you can see it through the nylon mask. His grunts and groans are so guttural you can feel the pain of his chest caving in as he is trying to hold on for just another second! 
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