Whole Body Squash With SSBBW Bobbi

I love having hips wide enough to make a man’s whole body disappear under me! In this newest update watch me squash John from his face to his waist! Actually I cover him to his hips but that doesn’t rhyme lol. From one hip to the other see my massive width cover him entirely as I plop heavily down on his chest. My huge saddlebag thigh smacks his face with each drop. I love having him trapped between my wide ass and a sofa as I go hard on the butt drops trying to make sure he feel’s each and every pound.
Come over and join me at SSBBW Bobbi – SSBBW Bobbi at BBW Surf to see more of my ultimate pear shaped body with plenty of face sitting, jiggling, booty shaking, big booty, huge thigh fun!