Wagon Fun With Queen Nora

When you physically try to move one of these big women it really provides insight into just how heavy they are. You don’t realize it but 600 lbs is heavier than most of the big things you come into contact with every single day. Your sofa. Your bed. Your washing machine.

Nora plops herself down onto this little toy wagon and this poor guy is tasked with pulling her around the room. It’s impressive to hear the floor boards creaking as the overloaded wagon rolls over them. It’s also exciting to know that this same force is going to be smashing this guy into the wagon in due time.

After a number of circles around the room Nora instructs him to lay in the wagon. Maybe he thought he was getting a much needed break? Nora had other plans. She smashes him into the wagon like a pancake. 
The last 2-3 minutes are without audio. We aren’t sure what happened to the camera in this shoot… but we priced it as low as we can on this platform.