Ultimate Pear Shaped SSBBW Bobbi Jo Westley – Broken Bed

One thing we get a lot of request for is bouncing. Fans love to see all this soft creamy fat jiggle and bounce. They love to see the rolls bouncing up and down, hearling the slap of the fat as it bounces up into the roll above it. In this new update I’m giving you just what you wanted. My super wide ass spread out taking almost half of a king size bed with my fat legs displayed so that you can see just how huge they are. Little did we know that all my bouncing and jiggling would be just too much for the poor bed to take. I bounced so hard that I bounced the leg right off! See this hard bouncing update as well as many full weight, face sitting, butt dropping, squashing, jiggling sexy clips and pictures.  https://bbwsurf.com/bobbi or https://ssbbwbobbijo.com