SSBBW Destiny Primping in Pink

May 25, 2018 admin 0

What girl doesn’t love to feel pretty? In my new update come see me sit in front of the mirror primping and feeling pretty perfect in my sweet pink nightie. When I’m done I strip out of my sheer pink nightie and tiny little thong so you can see just how sexy and fat I’ve gotten. Look at those big belly rolls spilling over and laying on top of my lap. See how my big wide butt barely fits into the tight little seat? My skin is so soft and creamy white. You want to see this hot new update! Come join me and see many years of progressive weight gain, enjoy all the fat shenanigans, face stuffing, belly play, face sitting, squashing, big boobs, hanging bellies and much much more at or

SSBBW BiBi Chest Sitting & Bouncing

May 25, 2018 admin 0

Can you imagine being subjected to over 600lbs crushing down on your body multiple times in one day? In this new set BiBi has put John through the paces through out the day and his body just can’t take any more. See in this newest update as she sits on his chest bouncing and he barely has energy to struggle. This seems to delight Kimmy and BiBi as they laugh and joke at poor John’s expense. Imagine feeling like you’re chest might cave in and you might be crushed to death as two sadistic women laugh and enjoy your misery.  Join us at BigFatChics – BigFatChics SSBBW and BBW , one of the oldest SSBBW fetish sites on the net with over 10 years worth of SSBBW face sitting, queening, female domination, squashing, butt drops, bouncing, eating, feeder/ feedee , weight gain, fat jiggling fun.

Frustration Release with BigMommaKat

May 25, 2018 admin 0

After a long tough day out and about I take my frustration out on the poor stuffed tiger. Since I couldn’t get my hands on the person who ticked me off I decided to show you what I wanted to do to him while using the tiger! Watch as the poor thing quickly disappears under my big jiggly ass and I bounce the stuffing out of him! Join today for more big jiggling ass, face sitting, crushing, weight gain, eating, squashing and general fat girl fun at Big Momma Kat – BigMommaKat at or Big Momma Kat – BigMommaKat at

Amazon Maria SSBBW Latina Face Sitting

May 25, 2018 admin 0

This update starts out well with me easing myself onto John’s face. He seems to be taking it well as I sink my full weight down covering his face fully with my soft ass and thighs smothering him completely. Every bit of air is cut off with no hope of even a little breath. Before long he’s struggling and can’t escape the heat coming from my body, I can feel the panic set in as his face starts sweating beneath me. See this update and much more of my luscious SSBBW Amazon, big bellied, fat thigh, cellulite covered body in this update and more of me eating, weighing, bouncing, squashing, face sitting and more at   Maria SSBBW Amazon – Just another site

SSBBW Sunshine Lady in Red

May 25, 2018 admin 0

CUM on over and let me lend you a hand with this new update. I love the sexy look of my red nightie paired with some sexy lace stockings covering my big sexy belly. Watch a new HD video & see pics of me on the bed posing for you in my stockings. I love showing off my big fat body and all of the soft squishy rolls.
http://Http://  or SSBBW Sunshine – SSBBW Sunshine at BBWSurf

BigBootyAsshley – SSBBW Tit & Tummy Play

May 25, 2018 admin 0

So much focus is put on my beautiful pear shape, my small waist and my super wide hips that curve into one of the biggest, roundest, wobbliest, big white girl booty you have ever seen! Sometimes I just have to remind you how full and soft my big squeezable, suck-able tits are. I can’t let you forget my cute little tummy either! Watch this hot video of my playing with my voluptuous tits and my tempting tummy.
Enjoy the thousands of pictures and HD videos of my  pear shaped SSBBW body,wide hips, luscious cellulite dimpled super thick thighs, and of course my famously big jiggly ass at or Big Booty Asshley – Super Pear Asshley at

Pear Shaped SSBBW BigBootyAsshley Tease & Squeeze

March 1, 2018 admin 0

Come join me with this weeks new update with a 6 MIN HD video of me teasing you as I slowly strip out of my very tight dress. I tease you by working the super tight dress up my creamy thick cellulite covered thighs and big pear shaped jiggly booty. Watch as I grab and rub handfuls of my lusciously soft and sensuous body. After I’ve stripped for you I show you just how powerful the hold of my ass is!
Enjoy the thousands of pictures and HD videos of my pear shaped SSBBW body,wide hips, luscious cellulite dimpled super thick thighs, and of course my famously big jiggly ass.

PearShaped SSBBW Asshley A Little Nice , A Little Naughty

January 5, 2018 admin 0

I must have been a very good girl this year, or a very bad girl …….. Santa brought me some sexy new lingerie. It’s a little nice and a little naughty just like me! See how perfectly the lace lays over my big cellulite dimpled butt and thighs. If you look closely you can see the ribbons pressing into my soft creamy skin. Look at my ass playing peekaboo at the top of my panties because all this ass just doesn’t fit in them. Join me now for this set and thousands of photos & videos of my sexy big booty, wide hips, big hanging tits and sexy pear shaped body.

Red Hot in Polka Dots PearShaped ASShley

November 22, 2017 admin 0

Summer has past and I’m dreaming of the beach in this sexy red polka dotted bikini. Won’t you come join me and ride the waves of my sexy super sized body as I jiggle on the bed? See how this tight bikini hugs every dangerous curve of my narrow waist and wide hips? Join me now for this set and thousands of photos & videos of my sexy big booty, wide hips, big hanging tits and sexy pear shaped body at or