PearShaped SSBBW ASShley – Supersized Housekeeper

December 8, 2017 admin 0

This newest update of me cleaning up the house and getting ready for the holidays will give you something to be thankful for! Watch as I move around in my tiny thong, my big sexy ass jiggling with every swipe of the cleaning cloth. Watch my thighs as every ounce of cellulite wobbles as I take each thunderous step.  You also get to enjoy a picture set of me in a sporty white bra and panty set. Join me now for this set and thousands of photos & videos of my sexy big booty, wide hips, big hanging tits and sexy pear shaped body at or


Red Hot in Polka Dots PearShaped ASShley

November 22, 2017 admin 0

Summer has past and I’m dreaming of the beach in this sexy red polka dotted bikini. Won’t you come join me and ride the waves of my sexy super sized body as I jiggle on the bed? See how this tight bikini hugs every dangerous curve of my narrow waist and wide hips? Join me now for this set and thousands of photos & videos of my sexy big booty, wide hips, big hanging tits and sexy pear shaped body at or

FaceSitting, Riding & Belly Plopping With Maria

November 9, 2017 admin 0

In my newest update I stand over John with my belly hanging down like a ball of fleshy danger. You can see at first I’m a bit timid and trying to figure out how to sit on him but once I’m there and comfortable I have no issue with bouncing my massive body with my heavy low hanging belly plopping on his face smacking him and smothering him with each bounce. Come enjoy this set and much more…

Squashing Struggles

October 30, 2017 admin 0

Facesitting, squashing, trampling, butt drops all looks like a lot of fun and games but with a fat chick the struggle is real! Come enjoy this update showing me struggling to get on top of John so I can give him a good squash. I may be giggles when I’m trying to get on him but once I’ve got my target in my sights it’s serious buisness! Come join me at  Maria SSBBW Amazon – Just another site .

#BOSSLIFE With SSBBW Pear BigBootyAsshley

October 30, 2017 admin 0

My sexy wide pear shaped figure makes me feel like a BOSS!  A lot of super curvy pears hide away but I OWN IT and live that BOSS LIFE making you double take as I walk by.  In this sexy boss babe set I pose in my sexy tank and panties before stripping down. Take in all of my sexiness at : or

Let Pear Shaped SSBBW BigBootyAsshley Be Your Best Friend

October 26, 2017 admin 0

They say diamonds are a girls best friend. I don’t know if that’s true but I’d like to be your best friend. Imagine all the fun you would have with my beautiful pear shaped body, my sensuous super wide hips, my big creamy cellulite covered thighs. Take in all of my sexiness at : or

SSBBW BigBootyAsshley – Don’t feel Blue

October 14, 2017 admin 0

Feeling blue? Cheer up buttercup it’s Friday and that means I have a new update!!! How can anyone feel sad when looking at my sexy pear shaped figure. My voluptuous curves will put a smile on your face as I pose on the bed showing off my narrow waist and wide hips. My huge bubble butt will bring joy to your life as you see every bit of wobbly fat and cellulite in my thunder thighs and imagine yourself there with me. Take in all of my sexiness at Sat: or


What’s Your Favorite Way To Pass Out?

October 14, 2017 admin 0

If you’re lucky enough to have me sit on your chest with my large hanging belly blanketing your face, smothering you in sexy hot fat , completely covering your nose and mouth preventing your from breathing while the heft of my voluptuous body crushes your chest then your favorite way to pass out would be under me!
See this sexy belly smother, belly plop & chest crush set plus much more at  Maria SSBBW Amazon – Just another site


Pear Shaped BigBootyAsshely is a Pizza Piggy

October 9, 2017 admin 0

Have you wondered how I manage to keep my sexy pearshaped figure? Where does all that sexy cellulite on my big creamy thunder thighs come from? How did I manage to get my booty so big and jiggly? This new set shows you just how I manage it. Enjoy this sexy eating update of me pigging out on pizza while naked. Can you see the carbs stacking up on my ass with each bite? See this sexy new update and much much more at: or

SSBBW Amazon Maria Sexy Posing

October 1, 2017 admin 0

Sometimes a girl just feels sexy and wants to show off. In this new update I was feeling myself and my big sexy double hanging belly and wanted to show it off with some sexy poses. I imagine on the other side of the camera my lover is watching and I’m enticing you to join me in this bed. Is it working? Come join me at  Maria SSBBW Amazon – Just another site .