USSBBW KimmyCrush Full Weight Face Sitting & Chest Crushing

February 15, 2018 admin 0

What a treat I have for you today!!!! With this newest update of 170 pics and OVER 4 Minutes of HD Video!!  Watch this new update as I push John to his limits with 4 minutes of face sitting and chest crushing. I alternate between lying back on him full weight & sitting on him, there is even the threat of some farting on his face. Do I do it? I end our session by mocking his groans and taps as he struggles to free himself of the heat radiating from my massive ass as I crush his chest and deprive him of air. See this hot new set and more at: Kimmy Crush – SSBBW Squasher Kimmy Crush at or Kimmy Crush – SSBBW Squasher Kimmy Crush at   This set and many more of me and my pear shaped SSBBW friends eating, weight gain, feederism, feeder/feedee, squashing, face sitting, butt drops, bouncing, and much more!

Pear Shaped USSBBW BiBi Cuddles with Man Sized Teddy

February 15, 2018 admin 0

Most people love teddy bears and hold and cuddle them. Our 600lb SSBBW BiBi is no exception. Watch this newest update as she cuddles up to a man sized teddy bear and wishes for her own big cuddly guy. Wouldn’t you love to lie next to her massive frame as you are barely able to squeeze onto the bed with the gargantuan beauty? Imagine using her soft layers of fat to keep yourself warm. Maybe reaching over to give her big jiggly booty a shake as you cuddle next to her? Lucky Bear!   BigFatChics – BigFatChics SSBBW and BBW  is one of the oldest SSBBW fetish sites on the net with over 10 years worth of SSBBW face sitting, queening, female domination, squashing, butt drops, bouncing, eating, feeder/ feedee , weight gain, fat jiggling fun.

SSBBW Maria Lotions Her Big Hanging Double Belly

February 8, 2018 admin 0

I am in love with my big squishy mountainous double belly. It’s so doughy soft that when I cover it with lotion and rub it I just become mesmerized that  my big hanging belly apron can be so big and so soft at the same time. It’s almost orgasmic. I just wish I had someone to grab it with both hands and rub it for me! Come over and see this sexy new set and much much more of my luscious SSBBW Amazon, big bellied, fat thigh, cellulite covered body in this update and more of me eating, weighing, bouncing, squashing, face sitting.

BigMommaKat Pear Shaped SSBBW Big Butt Can Crusher

February 7, 2018 admin 0

As much as I enjoy crushing and squashing men under my big powerful ass it’s a lot of fun to see how quickly objects sub come to the sheer weight of my body as I step or sit on them. In this newest update you see that soda cans are no match for me as they quickly crumple under me. Watch as you can see the exact moment the can crushes into nothing under me and my big jiggly ass drops and wobbles from the impact. Join today for more big jiggling ass, face sitting, crushing, weight gain, eating, squashing and general fat girl fun at Big Momma Kat – BigMommaKat at or Big Momma Kat – BigMommaKat at

600 + Pound Full Body Crush With SSBBW BiBi

January 11, 2018 admin 0

In this newest update John is taking on BiBi’s full body weight crushing in on his chest and stomach. Watch as the heavy honey lies full weight on him before giving him a chance at air when she scoots back and sits her bountiful booty on his face!
Join us at BigFatChics – BigFatChics SSBBW and BBW for over 10 years worth of SSBBW face sitting, queening, female domination, squashing, butt drops, bouncing, eating, fat jiggling fun.

Felicity Takes a Seat & BigmommaKat Teaches Honey Board Squashing

January 5, 2018 admin 0

BigmommaKat Teaches Honey Board Squashing (mp4)
BigmommaKat is no stranger to the board. She has done some of her most intense on the board and has taught new seats how just how extreme this can be on the hard surface. It was time to show Honey what it was all about.
Kat starts out by herself sitting on him every which way forcing him to tap. She finalizes him with a prolonged chest/face sit, ignoring the taps for a good 30 seconds until he straight up panics.
What’s inside? bigmommakat, board squashing, bbw chest sitting, 600 lb squashing

Felicity Takes a Seat on Matt’s Face (mp4)
Felicity’s luscious ass sure does fit perfectly on Matt’s face. To a point where it’s a very tight envelope… no air gets in or out. And that’s a scary situation considering Felicity doesn’t have a lot of care in her regarding the well being of whoever finds themselves under her ass or feet.
Matt was at least thankful that she allowed for him to use a pillow. In the past she has forced him to take her fullweight facesitting on the hard floor. He is, however, forced to find his own air. She rarely listens to taps. She’s the kind of woman who would continue sitting on you even if you .
There are a lot of points in this video where he’s fighting for his life. He is deprived of oxygen, has to lift her from his face, only to slide her to his throat… where she sits full weight as he tries to recoup.

Chaleesi, Felicity & BigMommaKat

December 29, 2017 admin 0

BigmommaKat has a special treat for you crush fans out there. She took it upon herself to put together an epic tale of thievery and punishment as she destroys all foes who dare cross her on her path to regain control of her tasty treats.
At 600 lbs, you’d think no food would stand a chance against the beautiful and raw power of BigmommaKat, but she was up against solid adversaries with the likes of The Spike Boys (pineapples), her minions Spud and Dud (uncooked potatoes), Mellon (a large watermelon), the Pumpkin King’s minions (small pumpkins), and the Pumpkin King (a large sized pumpkin).
You’ll see her terrorizing weight crush the foodlings into unregognizable blobs of mush while she tramples in bare feet, knee-highs, sandals, and heels. She also does some serious smashing and butt dropping.
Awesome storyline. The most intense crushing power on the ‘net. This is an instant classic in the crush arena!

Introducing Curvy Chaleesi
Yet another top notch model for the Full Weight Productions. Curvy Chaleesi is no joke. She acted very timid upon our first meeting. But once the camera’s turned on… she showed no remorse or care for Matt. How he survived some of these unexpected drops I do not know.
Her luscious body seems to always find a home squarely on his throat or head whether she’s sitting, bouncing, or doing high flying butt drops. Definitely an instant pro and someone to watch out for in the future.

Felicity is back is Felicity Nearly Ends Matt – Extreme Throat Crushing!! (mp4 format)more ferocious than ever!
She told Matt going into this shoot that she wanted to push his limits with throat crushing. She’s already pushed him to the point of seeing stars and being hoarse for days after previous shoots.
This go around she trampled and sat on Matt’s throat. No padding. Full weight… at about 150 lbs. As time went on, she’d stay on his throat a little longer. She also started ignoring his taps a little more.
At one point she stood on one foot, full weight on his neck, well past a mercy tap. Matt was out. The diabolical Felicity simply moved her weight to his chest and kicked his face to wake him up. When that didn’t work, what does she do? Move back to full weight throat standing of course!
He remains out for a couple of seconds until he comes to with 150 lbs of violent woman crushing his windpipe. You can here him suffocating and panicking as he comes too. Definitely the most intense domination we’ve had on the store to date.

SSBBW BigMommaKat Breaks His Face & BigMommaKat & KimmyCrush in SanAntonio

December 21, 2017 admin 0

John decided he could replace the chair and his nose paid dearly for it. Watch as I struggle to lift my short fat legs up enough to get my big wobbly ass up on him, lose my balance and break his face.  See all this and more of my big jiggling ass, eating, squashing, crushing, & face sitting.

Heavyweight squashing phenome BigMommaKat is making a once in a lifetime trip to Texas! January 22-25 is your chance to book your fantasy experience. If you’ve ever wondered how it felt to be on the painful end of the Kat Smash or just wanted to struggle for breath under her big jiggly ass now is your chance! Of course if you just want to feed her and rub her belly she’d love that too! If you’re really ready to go all out and risk your life Kimmy Crush will be available will be available for double sessions as well. For booking or inquiries email
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Ladies & Gents Mark your calendar! January 22 BigMommaKat and KimmyCrush will be hosting a meet & greet in SanAntonio. This intimate gathering will have very limited availabilty. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the presence of these two voluptuous beauties but have been unsure about booking a private session THIS is your chance. Come out for lunch, conversation, laughs & pic ops!!
Email for all inquiries, meet & greet, session or skype bookings.


SSBBW Double Trouble Tummy Compare & Play

December 21, 2017 admin 0

When I get to hang out and shoot with my girl Kimmy there is no telling what we will get up to. In this sexy new update you get both of us laying in the bed relaxing and we start comparing our bellies then give each other tummy rubs & jiggles. See all the sexy rippling waves of fat  in this update that is every belly man’s fantasy!   Come enjoy this set and much more at Maria SSBBW Amazon – Just another site .


The Forgotten BigmommaKat & Lolla Blaze Drop Video

December 21, 2017 admin 0

We honestly don’t know how we overlooked uploading this video. It’s one of the greatest of all time. We’re still not convinced that we didn’t… but we searched all of the archived uploads and did not see it. This one is a must see if you are into explosively heavy, hard surface dropping and squashing from some of the largest, most aggressive women on the scene.
You’ll witness stuff that leaves you truly wondering how Big Boi survived the punishment. You know it’s going to be good when it starts off with BMK standing over top of him, literally doing her best to jump up into the air, only to come down, legs outstretched, full weight onto him with her full 600+ lb frame. It’s stuff most people wouldn’t even attempt with a mattress!
There’s tons of double sitting, bouncing, and dropping. This is definitely a top 5 of all time from FWP.

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