Heavy Sitting with Ultimate Pear SSBBW Bobbi !!!!!

February 22, 2018 admin 0

You’ve heard of a heavy hitter but when you’re a pear shaped SSBBW over 500 pounds with hips over 90 inches wide then you become a heavy sitter!  In my new update watch as I cover John from head to thigh as I crush him. There are also lots of taps and struggles as my soft cellulite covers all his airways and stops him from taking any breaths at all. Of course I love to know he’s struggling to breathe so I ignore the taps for as long as I can without him passing out beneath me.  https://bbwsurf.com/bobbi or SSBBW Bobbi – SSBBW Bobbi at BBW Surf

BigmommaKat’s Heaviest Throat Sit Ever?

February 22, 2018 admin 0

Ordinarily when you see throat sitting videos on the ‘net, they involve relatively small women. They’re certainly intense in their own right. When you’re dealing with BigmommaKat though, she’s large enough to where she’s crushing your chest cavity while simultaneously cutting off your air supply at your throat.
Big Boi is definitely pushed to his limits here and BigmommaKat does nothing but laugh.


Pear Shaped USSBBW BiBi Cuddles with Man Sized Teddy

February 15, 2018 admin 0

Most people love teddy bears and hold and cuddle them. Our 600lb SSBBW BiBi is no exception. Watch this newest update as she cuddles up to a man sized teddy bear and wishes for her own big cuddly guy. Wouldn’t you love to lie next to her massive frame as you are barely able to squeeze onto the bed with the gargantuan beauty? Imagine using her soft layers of fat to keep yourself warm. Maybe reaching over to give her big jiggly booty a shake as you cuddle next to her? Lucky Bear!   BigFatChics – BigFatChics SSBBW and BBW  is one of the oldest SSBBW fetish sites on the net with over 10 years worth of SSBBW face sitting, queening, female domination, squashing, butt drops, bouncing, eating, feeder/ feedee , weight gain, fat jiggling fun.

Ultimate Pear Shaped SSBBW Bobbi Wide Hip Wobble

February 7, 2018 admin 0

In this new update see me bend over showing you just how wide my hips are with my super thick tree trunk thighs spread just enough to fuel your imagination. Get in the rhythm as my big fat booty shakes side to side and up and down wobbling and jiggling with the slightest sway of my wide hips. This sexy big booty shake video will leave no doubt about who the ultimate pear shaped SSBBW is!  https://bbwsurf.com/bobbi

SSBBW Bobbi Whole Body Squash, Bounce & Smother

January 25, 2018 admin 0

Can you imagine the perfect way to die? For a lot of you, it involves being under me. In this new update see John go for the gold as he lies under me and endures the pressure of my 550lbs non stop bouncing on him slamming him further into the bed and smothering him under my massive tits while his chest takes the weight of my huge body. My ass is quite magnificent as you see the jiggle and bounce with the rythm of the each push.
Come over and join me at SSBBW Bobbi – SSBBW Bobbi at BBW Surf to see more of my ultimate pear shaped body with plenty of face sitting, jiggling, booty shaking, big booty, huge thigh fun!

Super Pear Bobbi Jo “Drops” In On FWP

January 25, 2018 admin 0

Super pear Bobbi Jo decided she wanted to see what all the fuss was over here at FWP. She came raging in like a bull in a china shop. She started out innocently enough… checking her phone while she sat her gargantuan ass right on his chest and throat. It didn’t take long, though, for her to get bored. And when Bobbi Jo is bored, she drops the lights out of him. Over and over and over. When she finally tires, she doesn’t give him relief. Instead… in his final breaths she forces him to try and squirm his way out from under her. Which, of course, is impossible.

We are VERY excited to welcome Bobbi Jo to the FWP family!

600 + Pound Full Body Crush With SSBBW BiBi

January 11, 2018 admin 0

In this newest update John is taking on BiBi’s full body weight crushing in on his chest and stomach. Watch as the heavy honey lies full weight on him before giving him a chance at air when she scoots back and sits her bountiful booty on his face!
Join us at BigFatChics – BigFatChics SSBBW and BBW for over 10 years worth of SSBBW face sitting, queening, female domination, squashing, butt drops, bouncing, eating, fat jiggling fun.

SSBBW Bobbi Boob Play & Jiggle

January 5, 2018 admin 0

I’m known world wide for my awesomely wide hips , big round ass and my fat legs that give me my sexy and unique pear shape but lets not forget my tits. They’re so creamy and soft and fun to jiggle. I love to have my titties played with, the feel of a hard cock between my squished up titties is amazing. I hope you enjoy this update as much as I did!

Felicity Takes a Seat & BigmommaKat Teaches Honey Board Squashing

January 5, 2018 admin 0

BigmommaKat Teaches Honey Board Squashing (mp4)
BigmommaKat is no stranger to the board. She has done some of her most intense on the board and has taught new seats how just how extreme this can be on the hard surface. It was time to show Honey what it was all about.
Kat starts out by herself sitting on him every which way forcing him to tap. She finalizes him with a prolonged chest/face sit, ignoring the taps for a good 30 seconds until he straight up panics.
What’s inside? bigmommakat, board squashing, bbw chest sitting, 600 lb squashing

Felicity Takes a Seat on Matt’s Face (mp4)
Felicity’s luscious ass sure does fit perfectly on Matt’s face. To a point where it’s a very tight envelope… no air gets in or out. And that’s a scary situation considering Felicity doesn’t have a lot of care in her regarding the well being of whoever finds themselves under her ass or feet.
Matt was at least thankful that she allowed for him to use a pillow. In the past she has forced him to take her fullweight facesitting on the hard floor. He is, however, forced to find his own air. She rarely listens to taps. She’s the kind of woman who would continue sitting on you even if you .
There are a lot of points in this video where he’s fighting for his life. He is deprived of oxygen, has to lift her from his face, only to slide her to his throat… where she sits full weight as he tries to recoup.

Pear Shaped SSBBW BiBi Shake Wobble & Roll

December 29, 2017 admin 0

In this super wobbly update see 600+ pound BiBi walk in front of the camera then bend over to give her super sized super jiggly ass a wiggle for us. See all of the fat and rolls sway side to side in a hypnotic rhythm. When you think you’ve reached heaven she sits on the sofa and struggle to lift one hefty leg up to show us that her ass and fat roll covered legs aren’t her only wobbly bits.
Join us at BigFatChics – BigFatChics SSBBW and BBW for over 10 years worth of SSBBW face sitting, queening, female domination, squashing, butt drops, bouncing, eating, fat jiggling fun.