Tag Team Mattress Drops with Bobbi Jo and Savannah

These are two very big women to be jumping around on some skinny men, but that’s exactly what you see here. It starts with Savannah dropping the heck out of Matt while facing forward. You can see his poor little head sticking out from under her after she lands, smashed between her giant thighs. Unfortunately for him, she tagged Bobbi Jo in next who’s as wide as the doorway they’re dropping in. She forward dropped over and over on him really pushing him to his limit.

She finally gives Matt some relief and calls Caesar into scene. After watching Matt’s smashing unfold, he knew he was in for some trouble. Some of Bobbi Jo’s drops onto Caesar sound like his lungs are about to pop! After some hardcore drops she smothers him for a good while until he panics. Next Savannah comes in and repeats the brutality.

Next these gigantic goddesses instruct the tiny men to lay side by side on the mattress. What ensues is some side by side double drops. This is a sight to behold, let me tell you. To see this much woman falling out of the air at once is scary and amazing.

With Bobbi Jo’s width, she then decides to try butt dropping both guys at the same time. This was a first for FWP.

And with that, these guys were toast.

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