Queen Nora Snacks & Destroys on the Bed / Savannah Squishes Matt on the Mattress

Matt wanted this to be a 12 minute video. He figured on the bed it’d be easy to handle the 598 lb Queen Nora. He went as far as to tell her to enjoy her snack… take her time. No need to rush with the soft bed helping to support her.
Boy was he wrong. He couldn’t make 6 minutes! After the video was finished, he said it was the closest he felt to being suffocated to . There was just very little breathing going on. It didn’t help that ever few seconds Queen Nora would flop her belly onto his face. As if the chest and belly constriction wasn’t enough.
This was a brutally challenging video.

The beautiful Savannah does a number on Matt (and the mattress) in this installment. I mean… this is a doubled up air mattress we’re talking and Matt’s head is nearly pressed all the way to the floor under the heavy load. Savannah does some drops while forward facing on Matt’s chest and face. At one point one of the seams on the mattress breaks. At another, long after Matt’s energy is spent, she sits on his face with an evil grin as he taps and squirms with panic for air. Savannah is definitely finding her groove with using her weight as a weapon.