Queen Nora Smears Him into the Plank and Floor

This guy is a trooper. There aren’t many who can handle a woman Nora’s size on hard surfaces. Make no mistake… he struggles in this video. Big time. It doesn’t help that she loves to drop her giant body down onto tiny men when they’re laying on her squash board. It just zaps the life right out of you and makes it unbearably challenging to tolerate.

She side and reverses sits him with all of her weight on the board. When he thinks he’s done, she decides to finish him off on the floor with some full weight trampling. It’s not very often that you see a woman this size standing on someone. At one point she notices the tears coming out of his eyes. That’s how much pressure the body’s enduring with Ssbbw trampling. It bursts vessels in your eyes and face, pops your spine, shifts your organs around, and can even break ribs.

This is a classic, heavy full weight productions squash video right here.