Queen Nora Smashes King into the Sofa

After a long day of eating and sitting, Queen Nora simply wants to sit on a human throne. King is within reach so she makes him lay on her sofa. She’s a bit too much woman for him with her over 600 pound frame. The abundance of flesh and weight overwhelms him in pretty much every position she tries. Imagine if this poor guy found himself on the hard floor under this mega ssbbw!

I love how at points she tells him that “It’s okay. Just breathe.” With no concept of just how impossible that can be under a woman her size. He mutters, “I can’t.” Which is no lie. He’s suffocating under her massive body while she scrolls away on her phone.

At another point he tries to struggle his way out from under her. In response, she simply leans all of her weight onto one hip smashing her giant body into his chest cavity crushing him to scream in agony.  

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