Pear Shaped SSBBW BigMommaKat Tight Fishnet Squash

Watch me struggling to get my big fat juicy legs into these tight fishnets. I need my slave to help me get them up over the rolls upon rolls of fat. As a reward I leave a print on his face.

My legs are short and fat and my belly big and round so I am struggling to get my feet into these fishnets and get them up over my big legs and massive hanging belly.

I call my slave Anthony to come help me out. Like a good boy he comes over and makes sure his big jiggly Goddess is ready for her big photoshoot.

As a reward I put him on the sofa then sit my fishnet covered ass on his face, well his whole upper body really because I’m so big I can’t just sit on a face.

After he gives up and I get up he’s left breathless and his face imprinted with a fishnet pattern.

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