Massive Pear SSBBW Bobbi Jo Westley Immobility Shower Struggle

After a bit of a struggle to get my short fat sexy cellulite covered legs over the tub I sit on the bench afraid it’s going to break under my massively wide hips and ass  and super fat thighs.

When you’re over 500lbs and a very pear shaped SSBBW being nearly immobile is a struggle. In this shower watch the wobble as I walk to the shower then have a bit of a struggle getting my massive sexy body into the tub.

With assurance that the bench will hold I proceed to take my time and let that warm water run over me, making sure I soap up every inch of my incredible body. I get between every sexy roll of fat, under my huge natural hanging tits …..

It feels so good and I do not want to get out as you can see in this massive 12 minute HD video!