Feeders Little SSBBW Piggies Stuff Themselves in Pizza Mukbang

What more could a feeder ask for than three sexy SSBBW feedee’s stuffing their faces and filling their big round bellies full?  Watch as my friends Kimmy Crush and SSBBW Sunshine join me for this face stuffing update.

The three of us are much too big to all fit on the chairs so Kimmy had to sit her sexy wide ass on the bed for this Mukbang.  Though to start she doesn’t seem to be as interested in the talking part of things as she gets comfy lifting her huge belly into her lap and digging into her pizza.

Sunshine and I chow down on our pizzas while talking about food delivery people who love to steal food or somehow manage to mess up everyone’s order.

Come on over and watch us three fatties enjoy this pizza feast.