FaceSitting, Crushing, Bouncing & Squashing with Pear Shaped SSBBW Bobbi

When you have some of the world’s widest hips you can cover a lot of area and that’s what I do in this hot new set. As I take a seat on John you can barely see him under me. My wide pear shaped hips and big ass push him completely into the sofa until he almost disappears and all you see is his legs sticking out. Hear both him and the sofa groan and creak as I bounce all my luscious rolls of fat and push him even further down. Come see me show off my ultimate pear shaped frame and some of the worlds widest hips at https://bbwsurf.com/ssbbwbobbi There will be plenty of face sitting, jiggling, booty shaking, big booty, huge thigh fun!