Dude Bit Off More Than He Could Chew with Nora

This new seat struggled big time with full weight facesitting under Queen Nora’s massive, 600+ lb ass. He was only 130 lbs… so he’s brave to even give it a try. But he could never have guessed just how hard it is to handle. It’s not like all of Nora’s weight is on your face when she sits on you. She’s so large that she’s also smashing your throat and chest. It’d be nearly impossibly to breathe even if her monster cheeks weren’t enveloping your face. The combo makes for a terrifying experience. 

Which is why this guy barely made it 5 seconds per try without panicking. 

Nora found it amusing. For most of the video she just sat there, hanging out, forcing him to shift her meaty cheeks in order to find an air pocket. 

It’s a precarious position to find oneself in. She’s not moving. The muscles in your arms and shoulders are burning from shifting her body around to get air. And your mind starts racing about whether or not you’re going to be okay. Does she really know when to get up?

All of this combined for a terrifying experience for this little guy.

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