Does Kimmy Break This New Slave In or Does She Just Break This New Slave

Poor Shaq thought he was getting into something new and exciting when he volunteered to assist me in this photo shoot. I told him in advance that I would squash him. I let him know that I am a bit brutal and uncaring when I’m in the zone. I told him it might be painful but he insisted he was fine and he could handle it. Afer a few sets I decided it was time to let loose. I didn’t even get warmed up before I broke him! Watch this awesome set with squashing, butt drops and more. How much can he take before we have to call the paramedics? 
See this hot new set and more at: Kimmy Crush | SSBBW Squasher Kimmy Crush at or Kimmy Crush | SSBBW Squasher Kimmy Crush at   This set and many more of me and my pear shaped SSBBW friends eating, weight gain, feederism, feeder/feedee, squashing, face sitting, butt drops, bouncing, and much more!