ssbbw Kimmy Crush & Friend Fast Food Pig Out & Stuffing!

May 16, 2016 admin 0 or  I love my friends and I love to eat!  It’s a awesome thing when your ssbbw friends come over and stuff with you. Maybe I’m secretly a bit of a feeder because I always encourage them to eat and challenge them to out do me if they can!  After a day of shooting with SSBBW Sunshine we were starving and tired so we gorged ourselves with fast food until our bellies were stuffed to the brim and as full as they could be. Of course a full tummy has to be rubbed!  This set contains pics and 2 VIDEOS!  Come on over to or  and see me and my friends eating, squashing, facesitting, butt drops, bouncing, and much more!
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ssbbw Double Belly Love

May 8, 2016 admin 0 I just love my big sexy belly. It’s so soft and feels like a pillow  when I touch it and rub it.  These two sexy belly rolls took a long time to  make and are so sexy when I lie on my side and the mounds of blubber spill out in front of me like a warm blanket waiting to cover you as we snuggle close.  I hope you love my double belly as much as I love sharing it with you. Come over  and look around at!


ssbbw Chest Crush & Belly Smother

May 8, 2016 admin 0  What a sexy view it must be to have a ssbbw with wide hips and a large ass hovering over you just before she has a seat and lays her soft sexy belly on your face. Even struggling for breath it would be hard to not look up and admire the view as she bounces and jiggles her two rolls of belly fat while her powerful fat thighs wrap around your head leaving you completely at her mercy. Come check out this awesome squashing and belly smothering picture and video set plus much more at

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SSBBW Pear Shaped Big Booty Asshley in Kitchen Cutie

May 8, 2016 admin 0 or
Imagine you come home after a hard day at work, as you take your boots off at the door you glance into the kitchen and see my perfectly pear shaped body in nothing but my bra and a apron bent over in front of the oven.  Your eyes move from the floor up my heavy calves to my soft cloud like thighs covered in dimpled cellulite then rest at the curve of my ample ass. On top of that, there’s cake and if you’re a good boy you might get to have your cake and eat it too.
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SSBBW Kimmy Crush Weigh in

May 8, 2016 admin 0 or  I have a WEIGH  of making a big impression with my massive size.  My huge DDD natural tits that sag from age and weight,  my huge belly covered in stretch marks and hanging nearly to my knees, a big round ass with a sizeable back shelf and big fluffy thighs that jiggle and rub when I move and show every dimpled ounce of cellulite all are a lot to take in. Love it or hate it the one question most people want to know when they see me is HOW MUCH DO I WEIGH????  The proof is on the scale! Check out this sexy weigh in where for the first time in years I step on a scale and let the numbers do the talking.  Come on over to or  and see this sexy weigh in set plus much more!
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SSBBW BMK Weigh in. SSBBW Kats first Weigh in!!!

May 2, 2016 admin 0 or
You’ve asked for it and now you got it!!! How big is BIGmommaKat? The scale almost wouldn’t tell us! In my FIRST WEIGH IN after having to try 3 times we finally have a number. See me push this poor scale to it’s limit as it tries to figure out just how much my big fat jiggly rolls weigh.  Want to see those numbers? Want so see me use every single pound to squash poor little slaves to a pulp? Come over to or and check it out! bmk