Bobbi Jo Smears Matt into the Board

For six long minutes Bobbi Jo side sits Matt. Sitting isn’t the right word. She grinds him into human paste as she bounces and jiggles her full weight into the unforgiving board. He’s essentially a mushy bag of bones by the time she decides to forward sit him. But she doesn’t sit. She gives him some of the most intense butt drops he has ever endured, crushing him into oblivion. It’s like an earthquake. There’s the initial drop, bringing all of her mass crashing down onto him. Then her huge, fat thighs have aftershock vibrations as they jiggle into their resting position. Quite literally one of the most intense experiences of Matt’s lengthy career as being a pancake. When she finishes him off, you can see her waddling back to the couch muttering, “I’ll let you live this time.”
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