Bobbi Jo & Kimmy Crush Punish Weak Slave

Joseph started out on the wrong foot with Kimmy and his day just gets worse from there. In this awesome update watch as Kimmy and I punish Joseph. He made the mistake of bragging how well he could handle two of the fattest and widest SSBBW’s on the web. We start out with me covering him from his head to his hips smothering and crushing him with my massively wide hips bouncing and plopping onto his face. When Kimmy decides she wants in on the action she makes Joseph regret some of his life choices. Watch as she brutally butt drops him with her feet on the sofa she lifts all 550lbs of herself off of him then drops. When Joseph is turning bright red and you can see the lack of blood flow to his arm he begins to beg Kimmy to get off of him. Of course she’s not ready to let him go and sits her fat ass on him and mocks him for a full minute while you are left to wonder if she’s going to let him breathe before he passes out. 
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