BigBootyAsshley Pear Shaped Nerd

I recently read a article that women who carry their weight in their bottoms are more intelligent. This may be the case since I do have a inner Nerd Girl! In my new update I’m caught with my glasses on and my laptop open as I do some research online. Of course I stop long enough to show you the sexy side of me! I am so happy with the weight I’ve recently put on and the contrast between my small waist and big wide full hips. I love how exaggerated the cellulite dimples in my thick creamy thighs looks. Look at the creases in my legs where fat rolls are beginning to form. How could you possibly resist such a sexy nerd?
Enjoy the thousands of pictures and HD videos of my  pear shaped SSBBW body,wide hips, luscious cellulite dimpled super thick thighs, and of course my famously big jiggly ass at or Big Booty Asshley – Super Pear Asshley at